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win2k server DUN + static routes

I have

win2k server

1 gateway ip that is assigned to the DUN ISDN ppp link

8 ips (subnet mask these are all routed from my isp through my gateway

motorola bitsurfer pro ISDN modem

4 computers total (all with static ip's)

I have a small home computer network.  The problem is that the first time I dial up after rebooting my win2k server, it ALWAYS connects, but doesn't route correctly.  The first time I connect to my isp after a reboot, it seems (by watching the network lights) like it is trying to route through my LAN instead of the DUN like it is supposed to.  If I disconnect and dial back again, then everything works perfectly!  Then any subsequent dials again without rebooting also work perfectly.

what the heck is going on here?  what would cause this to happen and how can I go about fixing it?

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1 Solution
I am not an expert ath this themes, but I have a DUN connection with my ISP and an Ethernet LAN and I am not having this problem.

There are several IP ranges reserved to use in LANs to avoid routing problems; IP numbers within these ranges are not used in Internet, only for LANs not directly accesible from Internet.


My machines are using, and so on as their IP addresses of their Ethernet cards.

My netmask is (class B subnet, I think)

This is one of these kind of "international reserved LAN IP ranges" I am saying

I hope this helps
SD_AdeptAuthor Commented:
no.  The IP's I have are entirely valid.  I'm not using proxies or port tricks, this is real routing.  Like my original comment said, my isp knows to route these ip's through my DUN.  The problem is that after the first time dialup, it always tries to route through my network instead of the internet.  :/
"Default Gateway" entry from internal adapter's IP-seting must be empty. Check it.
SD_AdeptAuthor Commented:
you win the prize.  :-)  I had the default gateway set to the dialup adapters's IP.  Removing that fixed the problems.

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