src for image file on html doc

i have an index.html file on my domain.
below that index.html file i have a folder called cgi-bin, within that a folder called bmp and within that a file called logo24.bmp.

when i put in the following in the src box for the image on my index.html page:

it changes to this as soon as i leave the box:file://C:\Nth\webpublish\nthtechnologies-www\cgi-bin\bmp\logo24.bmp

why is it doing that?  I know this is a stupid question, but maybe i havent gotten the directory tree structure thru my thick skull or something...

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SmackedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
is your cgi-bin below the root of the webserver. (they usually are) if so then something could be freaking out.

As well, the cgi-bin dir should really only be used for cgi's or binary files
not storing images.

the cgi-bin is a special directory with special permissions and uses as far as the web server is concerned.

a request for an img in the cgi-bin directory may not be interpreted as that but rather a request to execute that image (not possible). there maybe some default return for such instanes which returns the server path for that image. (if this is the case then it's quite a big security issue)
arthurcidAuthor Commented:
when i put this in the source:
<IMG alt="Nth Tech" height=305 src="images\image1.gif" width=392 >

i see this in the file properties (right mouse) in the browser at 'runtime':

which does not, you will notice, use the cgi-bin subfolder as you mentioned above

so im still at a loss, sorry if i seem slow on this, web language is not my forte, vb is... sorry
arthurcidAuthor Commented:
also, by the way, that last comment was NOT meant to sound sarcastic, what i was really saying was that since you mentioned not using the cgi-bin folder, i moved everything up.

i now have an index.html at

which you should be able to view in your browser

i also have a folder below that one called images and a file in that folder called image1.gif

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arthurcidAuthor Commented:
if you right mouse and choose properties on the image that will most definitely not display properly in your browser, then you can see the 'source' i have it set to...

thx for your help
<IMG alt="Nth Tech" height=305 src="/nthtechnologies-www/images/image1.gif" width=392>

shouldn't work


<IMG alt="Nth Tech" height=305 src="/images/image1.gif" width=392>

and i'll bet u a grade A answer it does work
<IMG alt="Nth Tech" height=305 src="/nthtechnologies-www/images/image1.gif" width=392>

shouldn't work


<IMG alt="Nth Tech" height=305 src="/images/image1.gif" width=392>

and i'll bet u a grade A answer it does work
arthurcidAuthor Commented:
no, it didnt work.

go to the page now and right mouse on the 'broken' image and choose properties...

you will see

as the source and it doesnt work

also, a note, when i sign on to ftp my root directory has the following dir in it:

however, my index page is in THAT folder, so i assume it is by default the 'root'

but that is why i had it the other way, so just so you know, i tried it both ways (actually many ways) with the gif file located all over the place and couldnt get a valid image to show

hmmm, i dont get it, it shouldnt be this hard...hehe
arthurcidAuthor Commented:
nevermind, i got it working

i didnt realize that:




were two different things..


the way it should be is

\(root directory)

the nthtechnologies-www dir should be the parent of the images directory and it should also be the root directory.

the images directory should be the child of the nthtechnologies-www (root) directory.

one other thing
the src is set to
if the above doesn't help then try making the source

the difference being that the path doesn't start the root

the way that works is the server will look for a directory called "images" in the same directory as the index.html file

i'm probably insulting your intelligence now (sorry)

tell me how u go. i'm at work for another 2/1/2 hours still
arthurcidAuthor Commented:
worked just fine, so in other words, i can just ignore the nthtechnologies-www directory and just treat it as the root by definition, correct?

Also, does that mean as i get the page more involved with cgi and such that i should in ALL cases not have to ever refer to the nthtechnologies-www folder, right?
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