Is it possible?

I want run self extracting file from VB.
That file will be run in DOS window.
And ask me enter Yes(Y) or No(N),and
Enter after that.How can i do it in VB
insted of user (i want that user will not press any key).

Thanks in advance!
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samopalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SendKey doesn't work with console application. Here is a solution:

Create file yes.txt with 3 bytes only. First byte is "Y", 2 last bytes- (0D 0A)hex

In VB programm

Shell "C:\..\Prog.exe <C:\..\yes.txt"

TimCotteeHead of Software ServicesCommented:
Use SendKeys

Private Sub Command2_Click()
Dim dblProcID As Double
dblProcID = Shell("SelfExtractingEXE.EXE")
AppActivate (dblProcID)
SendKeys "Y{ENTER}"

End Sub
mikef17Author Commented:
Thanks for response.

This code not work properly.
Sendkeys function not works.
What possible problem???
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I think that the code from TimCottee is right, but the SendKey is probably sent too soon.  In fact, as soon as the dos shell is launched (with de self-extract file running), the vb code continue and then the 'Y' + 'ENTER' keys are sent, even before the question (Y / N ?) is asked.  Find a way to send the key later.

An other solution would be using ShellExecute and pass a parameter to the self-extractingExe (ex.: /Y).  Try it.
mikef17Author Commented:
What exactly i need type in text file
(i can't enter bytes?!)
Ok. Open Notepad, press <Y> and <Enter>. Save this file as "Yes.txt" The length of this file should be 3 bytes, and no bit more! :-))
mikef17Author Commented:
That's not work.May be self extracting file need some waiting time?
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