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MS Project : finish date on Gantt chart.

I prepared a schedule in Excel
My boss requests to move it to MS Project 98
I copied and pasted the Excel data to Project, column by column to the appropriate one.
But the gantt chart do not include the finish date. If I change manually the finish date to itself, the gantt chart includes it.
What's wrong and how can I fix it?
I don't want to change all finish dates manually.

Thank you for your help
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1 Solution
FITAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points from 100 to 150
FITAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points from 150 to 200
FITAuthor Commented:
This seems to be a hard question...
Should I really do it manually?
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>>But the gantt chart do not include the finish date.

Did you add a finish date column to the chart through Project? and it did not calculate the proper finish dates?

>>If I change manually the finish date to itself, the gantt chart includes it.

Could you elaborate on this?

>>What's wrong and how can I fix it?

What is your overall baseline? Do you have everything at the proper leveling for Project to calculate properly?

Please fill us in alittle more on where you are, and we should be able to help you out.

I built a schedule in EXCEL after reading your question and found that after copying the column, select just the first cell in Project 98 and then paste in the Task name then copy your column with your start date and paste it to the Start Date in Project 98.  Doing them one at the time, and only selecting the first cell in Project. Project 98 will take into account weekends if any of the days fall on the weekend and it will adjust your dates accordingly.  It will also put a "Task cannot finish earlier than... constraint" on each one of your tasks.

Good Luck
FITAuthor Commented:
In Excel, I've 232 task rows.
I'll explain how to reproduce my problem, just with 2 task rows (+ 1 heading row) :

Tasks   Start End
Task 1  17/4  21/4
Task 2  24/4  28/4

I then open a new Project file and using the "entry" view, I paste XL A2:A3 to the first cell of "Task name" column. As a border effect, I get duration 1 day, start = today, finish = today.
Then I paste B2:B3 to the first cell of "start". I get the right start dates, duration is kept to 1 and the finish dates are set equal to the relative start dates.
Then I paste C2:C3 to the first cell of "finish". The Finish dates are now correct BUT:
* durations are set to 4 (they should be both 5)
* on the gantt chart, both bars go from mondays to thursdays, while 17/4 and 28/4 are both fridays.

That's what I mean by "do not include the finish date."

When I select (in Project) the finish date of a single task and choose the same date on the calendar pop-up,
1- a wizzard asks me if I want to link - choosed "without adding a link"
2 - duration is corrected to 5 days (as it has to be)
3 - the gantt bar goes from monday to friday (also correct)

As both start and finish dates remain the same, I do not understand why duration and bars are different.

I would like you to explain how I could do to have correct durations and bars on the charts without changing manually every finish date... with itself!

Thank you for your help.
You wrote: "But the gantt chart do not include the finish date. If I change manually the finish date to itself, "

Could you explain a little more how you reset the date exactly ?

I think this is an important piece of information.

I don't have Project myself, but am thinking of doing something on the Excel-side.



It is actually a matter of internal storing of date values in the relative applications.
Inserting a date in Excel stores it as a DateTime value, on that date, at midnight (13/4/2000 0:00:00)
In Project,
* the start date is stored with a default (updatable - see below) start time (13/4/2000 8:00 - without seconds)
* the finish date is stored with a default finish time (13/4/2000 17:00)

When you paste the start date to MSP, the start time is corrected to the start time of the day
When you paste the finish date, it keeps the initial time value (i.e. midnight, from Excel) As if you planned free overtime.
As so, you do not plan to work on the normal working hours of your "last day", so the duration is 1 day behind.

You have first to know what are the default start and end time settings in your Project file :
* Tools/Options/Calendar.
* Read "default start time" and "default end time" values. Mine are 8:00 and 17:00
* Cancel

Then in Excel, write those values in cells and write formulas to add the start time to the start date and add the finish time to the finish date.

Example (copy/pasted yours and adapted):

Tasks   Start  End   8:00      17:00
Task 1  17/4   21/4  =B2+$D$1  =C2+$E$1
Task 2  24/4   28/4  =B3+$D$1  =C3+$E$1

If you copy
* D2:D3 to "start" column instead of B2:B3
* E2:E3 to "finish" instead of C2:C3,
duration and gantt should be what you are expecting.

Have fun with Project!

Boy, does my comment look stupid now :-)

I did not see your comment, FIT, when sending mine.
FITAuthor Commented:
#@§$£ù&# company proxy server!
FITAuthor Commented:
maybe you have a huge connection time today, too ;)

I'll test your solution. See you soon.

FITAuthor Commented:
That's it!
Thank you very much for your help!
You are welcome!
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