Open a web page

How do I open a web page, using a JLabel or whatever.
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samersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think label has to do with hyberlink
if u r using Applet here's how u can go to a new URL or HTML file:

AppletContext ac = this.getAppletContext();
ac.showDocument(URL, "where to show it");

this :  is the reference to the Applet that currently running.

showDocument() has 2 parameter,

1- the URL u want to open.
2- where u want to open it
   ex:  "_Blanck" means in a new window.
        "_self" in the current window.

>> open a web page

how to implement hyperlink or ... ?
what you are writing applet or application.
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s_lavieAuthor Commented:
Yes, implement a hyperlink.
I'm writing both an applet and an application.

U can use showDocument of AppletContext in the case of applet.

But in the case of aplication where you are trying to open a URL??

And also to give the hyperlink effect i.e. Hand Curser etc. You can use Mouse events with changed curser.And you can change the curser by setCurser method.
hope i understood your question correctly.
Hi s lavie,

If you want to launch a URL from an application in the system's default browser, try using the BrowserLauncher class, which you can use freely and download freely from:

BrowserLauncher is a class that provides one static method, openURL(String url), which opens the default web browser for the current user of the system to the given URL.  You can look at the sourcecode for BrowserLauncher too if you want to use it :-), and it saves you from having to work out how to launch default browsers on various platforms using Rintime.exec().

As for launching the URL with a "hyperlink" in your application, why not extend JLabel so that it looks like a hyperlink and acts like a hyperlink.  The class's constructor could take a string, an "unvisited" link color, a "visited" link color, and a URL string (you could use a mutator method to reset the colors of the JLabel when dealing with mouse events, as well as changing the cursor as suggested by anand29).

u can study the tutorial on how to use the JTree class(Swing). It involves opening a webpage(html)..


u can study the tutorial on how to use the JTree class(Swing). It involves opening a webpage(html)..

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