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to open simple html file in browser

I try to open html file in Netscape 4 on cdrom
In netscape
open page
choose file
made selection in file browser
  ok select in open in navigator
 .... and got error
Cannot locate server , server has no dns entry
Of course it is not a server
How to put netscape to understand this is local file under Un ix
on windows this is not a problem
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1 Solution
I do this all the time in Netscape on Linux FreeBSD & Solaris for ordinary html files. Could it be that the html file you tried to open refers to some image or other ref that is a network link? When it fails, exactly what's shown in the "Location:" line of your browser?
What OS are you running. There were some bizarre bugs in older versions of HP-UX relating to depths of nested directories that it can read on Rockwell format CD's. It gave some sort of funny server erro, but It was so long ago that I had to deal with it, I don't remember exactly what it was.

What I do remember though, was that HP produced a patch to fix it.
mativareAuthor Commented:
I am Using Solaris 2.6
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as an experiment, try going to the directory, e.g.

# cd /cdrom/dir

and invoking netscape with the file as a cmd line argument:

# netscape file.html

Does this work?

is there any thing strange in ths source for the HTML (i.e a META tag trying to redirect you omewhere)?

Is this machine connected to the web?
That definitely works on Solaris 2.6 and later. Have you lookt at the html file to see if it references images or other things by a hostname/path? Also exactly which Netscape 4 (4.02, 4.61, etc)?
uh, I guess "netscape file.html" worked then?

Did you get it to work with the file dialog? That is a strange problem, and I'm curios!
mativareAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the try
It didnot work
But I need to finish this guestion somehow
Therfore I gave you the points as "best try"
When I moved to cdrom I was enable even to launch
the only place from where I was able to launch it was /
error message was xlib connection to 0 0 refused by server
cannot open display
(was connected via monitor of course and x windows launched)
I was simply theoreticly interested can we do it therefore I
posted a guestion
Workoround was mechanikal:
Step 1:take out cdrom from unix box
Step2: put it into PC
Step3: enjoy
> error message was xlib connection to 0 0 refused by server

This would imply that you were trying to run netscape from a window that is in a different login session to the X server. Was it a remote window, or was the xterm you started netscape in logged in as a different user?

In an xterm in the same session (same user, same machine) as the X Server, type "xhost +" to allow other sessions to display onyour X Server then try typing:

setenv DISPLAY localhost:0

(if you are using csh)

and then invoking netscape. You may find it works now.
mativareAuthor Commented:
Simply interesting
I set in .cshrc
setenv DISPLAY localhost:0
now even root(logged on as root) cannot launch NETSAPE
error is cannot open display localhost:0
Any ideas
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