Drop Shadow, then engrave! :)

Does Anyone know a software that "proffesionally" dorp shadow from objectsAND text ?
I kow that almost all big software are doing so... like photoshop, paint pro, corel ...etc... but i need a program that is developed to dorp shadow
around objects and/or text!

I use photoshop, wanted to ask how can i do the effect in the logo found on the front page  http://www.doctorinternet.co.uk , the "D" (in doctor) and the "I" (in internet) are "engraved" in the page.... so do you know an easy way to do this?
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SnubbenxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you've done what weed said, go to: Layer ->Layereffects -> Create layer.

The shadow appears on a seperate layer.

It can really save a lot of trouble "down the line"
Abbout the logo:

Pretend you got the blue background allready.

1.Create a new layer on top af the backgound.

2.Use the text-tool and choose the the font you want.

3. Hold ctrl and click with the left mousebutton on the layer containing your font = the font is now selected

4. Go to the backgroundlayer and press the delete-button. Delete the top-fontlayer.

5. Now you can see through the backgroundlayer where the font used to be.

6. The fast way: Use the layereffect drop shadow on the backgroundlayer = done

7. The slow/better way: Create a new layer below the backgroundlayer.

Hold ctr and press leftmousebutton on the bg-layer. A selection appears on the empty layer. Fill it with black.

Use the filter: blur-> gaussion blur to adjust the amount of blur.

Move the layer to adjust shadow distance
windowsssssAuthor Commented:
Snubbenx ,

Thanks for your answer, i try it and till you...don't you kow a program that drops the shadow? this question contains A & B, you answered b only! :)
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Um, you answered the 'A' part your self.... there's only one graphics app worth $$$$ on the planet.


Upgrade to the newest version and all these effects are a click away...
I agree with postpress.
The "professional" program you are looking for iis not needed if you use the "gaussion" way I described above to create "drop-shadow". How good it gets depend on your ability.
That effect is even built into photoshop as an action. Couldnt get any easier than clicking the play button for an action.
Snubbenx description is basically how I have done that effect in the past.  I didnt know there was an action for it but it is a really basic process it only takes about a minute.
windowsssssAuthor Commented:
weed ,forkbeard and others, can anyone tell me about the action by which i can create the effect found in the above site?
thanks for all of you
Actually i was wrong. Its not an action at all. Its a layer effect. Simply use the Inner Drop Shadow. Thats all it is.
Thats not to say that creating an action to do it wouldnt be exceptionally easy but the layer effect is just so much easier and more editable down the line.
windowsssssAuthor Commented:
Thanks for answer.
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