Posted on 2000-04-13
Last Modified: 2008-03-03
Can someone give me a simple code in C++/mfc what draws 6 different coloured
circles with 6 random numbers ranging from 1-49 written in them.

I am trying my hand on game progrmaming
and need this for a lottery game I am trying to write.

Question by:parkerx

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What is the problem that you are facing? You don't know which function to call?

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Newbie question!

I think you should buy yourself a C++ and MFC programming book and maybe a beginners book on programming and start reading. Games programming is not something that is learnt overnight.


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ID: 2744897
You really need to take some time and read about C++ or maybe programming basic like felonius said. you best bet is to go take some college courses on programming languages(if books aren't your thing). You may findout that C++ is not the language you need to use. C++ is one of the most difficult languages out there. But...when all-else-fails Remember these three words: conceptual, logical, physical (you can do the conceptual RIGHT NOW until you learn C++)and life in programming becomes alittle easier.... Good Luck!
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I suspect the other comments are correct about you being a beginner, so the idea of finding a good book on programming is probably good advice.  However, I'll still try to give you a step or two in the right direction of your specific question.

Note that the listing below is not necessarily ALL of the code you would need, just the actual circle drawing part.  You still need to add the code that sets the desired screen position of each circle.

Also, this uses just the basic default font, which might also need changing.  But you can look into details like that after you have some results on screen.

This would go inside the "OnDraw" function for your document's "view" class.


CRect circlepos[6]; // should be set to desired circle positions
                    // This should be set globally, or else code
                    // should be added where the "..." goes below

int circlenum[6];   // Set to random numbers that will be printed in circles

int circle;         // Loop index for circles


// Create a separate brush for each circle
CBrush circlebrush[6];


for( circle = 0; circle < 6; circle++ )
      pDC->SelectObject( &circlebrush[circle] );

      // Get random number & cap it off at 49
      circlenum[circle] = rand() % 49;      

      // Draw circle
    pDC->Ellipse( &circlepos[circle] );

      // Get center point of circle & draw text
      // using default font
    int text_x = circlepos[circle].CenterPoint().x;
    int text_y = circlepos[circle].CenterPoint().y;
      pDC->TextOut( text_x, text_y, circlenum[circle] );

// Kill objects we just created

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Answer accepted

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ID: 2930772
Thanks Mike. I should be trying this
out today.

Best wishes


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