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I saw quite a few pieces of code before, that use functions in other dll files, such as kernel32.dll.

Where can I get a good documentation about these functions/dlls ?
I mean the "main" Windows-dlls.

Regards, Oli
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intheConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if want to know what api functions are inside what dll then use tdump on the dll.
tdump is in delphi\bin dir.

msdn is definetly best place to find out api stuff.it has listings and example c code for mostly every api exist ,well not all but there is not much you cant find at msdn.
for instance find a function in a dll from tdump and search msdn for it you will find the answer/correct function calls and if lucky some code.
then search internet for example of same function and code in delphi.

The best I know of is the API help that comes with Borland Delphi and of course the SDK-kit which ships with delphi as well. It gives a short description of what the functions does and the different parameters and there values.
you should have a help file, win32.hlp eith the api functions listed.  the "quick info" for each function will tell you where it is defined.

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I think you can find nearly all the information you want on the MSDN library CD's. Nearly all API functions and much more information are covered on these CD's.

If you have a permanent or fast internet connection, you can also try www.msdn.microsoft.com and use the name of the API function you want information about as the search phrase.


Oli2Author Commented:
sorry, but:
The API help that ships with Delphi (that is the win32.hlp file) doesn't give me any information about functions in external dlls, like for example the RegisterServiceProcess in kernel32.dll.

on www.msdn.microsoft.com I don't find any good documentation on this stuff also (am I too stupid?)

What I'm looking for is something like
a list of most-used-dlls and their content.

Like this:
function RegisterServiceProcess
blabla description blabla
function HowShouldIknowWhatsInside
blabla another description blabla

There are people that tell me:
solve your problem by calling
function xx : yy external 'some.dll';

How do they know what's inside some.dll ?

Regards, Oli
Oli2Author Commented:
Thanx Barry!
It's not as much comfort as I would like to have, but it's a starting point...

Regards, Oli
the best books of api functions with full xamples for delphi is the "tomes" series.

tomes win32 core api
tomes win32 graphical api are 2 of them and can be got from www.amazon.com for good prices.
"SDK-kit which ships with delphi"

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