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Connecting VB via TCP/IP


I have a fairly simple question.. I am wanting the code that will allow more than one computer to connect to a server via TCP/IP. I have several computers that I would want to connect to a VB program running on my server, and allow simple communications between the two.  Please post code if you have it ! Thanks!!!!!

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1 Solution
tgarspachaAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the link..What I am looking for is a program that is simular to that, but will allow multiple connections at once.. And have ability to send messages to the server, I have no need to send them to each of the other stations connected. Thanks..

Here are a few sites you need to visit to.
"The IPDaemon Control can be used to create TCP/IP servers running on PC's connected to a TCP/IP network. The control can handle close to 1000 simultaneous connections on the same TCP/IP port (service port). It is designed to balance the load between connections for a fast, powerful server. What follows is a short description of the control. For more information, please refer to the IP*Works! help files or printed manual. "
"WinSock application thta demonstrates a synchronized main loop (e.g. for multiplayer; more than 2 users too)"
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Look at tcp server -VB version- with custom commandset and management console. -VisualBasic page.
This is full source code for a Multi-Client server, it allows upto 65535 users to connnect to your server, can be customised to become any server, such as IRC, FTP. plus all the functions are in their to relay data and store information on each users accounts.
Basically, what you need to do is this, in essence:

Create a new winsock control, and give it an index of 0. Set it's localport to the port you want to listen on.
In the form load procedure, insert winsock1.listen
In winsock1_connectionrequest, insert code like the following:

Load winsock1(winsock1.ubound+1)
winsock1(winsock1.ubound).accept requestid

Now, every time a connection is made, it creates a new instance. In the winsock1_disconnect event, insert:

unload winsock1(index)

And finally, in the winsock1_dataArrival event, insert code to deal with whatever your server does. First use:

Dim strData as String
winsock1(index).GetData strData, vbString

And then treat strData as you choose. You can send data back to the server by using winsock1(index).SendData "Whatever", remembering that CrLf's aren't automatically sent. In my code for multiple connection servers, I usually insert a timer that runs, say once a second and unloads all controls in error or disconnected states - clients wont always disconnect cleanly.

your coding is very good and will be in working condition if implemented. but..consider this...

if the server is servicing 10 requests, and the 5th and 6th connection get lost (not ending normally), winsock1 control will have problems allocating the socket to the 11th connection request.

the programmer needs to do a lot more in the connection request event, such as checking for connection errors, allocation problems, buffer space and whether maximum sockets has been reached, and if it has, get some more memory from OS to allocate more sockets.

feel free to contact me..I have written networked applications, and my coding takes care of all the problems mentioned.
tgarspachaAuthor Commented:
Thanks to everyone for all of the help!!!!!!!!!!!!
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