folder options/win 98 are grayed out. only "classic style" is available.

i want new folders to open in same window,
without creating new windows all over the place.
can't seem to get to it, although i used to be able to...

in the view menu, folder options, general
only "classic style" is available.
custom is grayed out and unavailable
web style is also unavailable.

in view menu, customize this folder - it seems
that the html wizard is not working. also, background
bitmaps don't show, and i'm not sure what is the best
html editor to point it to.

please help
many thanks,
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I can see why!  Wrong URL
Clipcache hiccopped!
Try this - it should make sense.
Ok, what rev/version of Win98 are you running?

how long ago could you access those features? What changed between then and now on your configuration?
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skmasonAuthor Commented:
standard win98 with all relevant 2000 upgrades from ms website.

don't remember what has changed...

i do have there something in there that could fix this? i looked but couldn't find it.

thanks for trying...i'm still lost...
skmasonAuthor Commented:
many thanks for your kindness...i have been going around in circles with this one...even tried to search for it on the ms help website...but didn't know it was a tweak question...
thanks again
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