Something about pointers

Could anybody help on the ** pointers. I have something like this:
typedef struct MyStructure{
In fact, If anybody could explain to me how this struct works,it be'll great.
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MT_MUConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For the sake of illustration - assume XXX is actually char.

If we were to assume that that BBB is appropriately initialized.  *BBB would point to the addess of a string.

**BBB would point to the first character of the string pointed to by *BBB.

And for example....

char *Str1 = "1String";
char *Str2 = "2String";
char *Str3 = "3String";

MyStructure xyz;

xyz.BBB = (char **)malloc(sizeof(char *) * 3);
// Fill in our array

xyz.BBB[0] = Str1;      // This is the equivalant of *xyz.BBB = Str1;
xyz.BBB[1] = Str2;
xyz.BBB[2] = Str3;

// Loop through the strings...

char **strptr = xyz.BBB;

for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++)
  char* onestring = *strptr++;

a pointer is a variables that contains an address. at that address is a value of the type XXX in your case.

now, if you have a double pointer, it means that the variable points to a place in memory where a pointer to XXX (or YYY) resides.

so you have

BBB of type XXX** points to -> a type XXX* that points to -> a value of type XXX

hope it's clear enough
asmaAuthor Commented:
I'm new to pointers & structures. In fact, my C knowledge are basic ones.If it get complicated, i'll be lost. Is there a good C bible out there that teaches you all these jargon?
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I kind of hate to admit this - but it's been so long since I started programming that I've forgotten what books seemed to help.  

I'll take a look and see if I still have some.

Asma,write your EMail and i 'll send you pointer tutorial.
asmaAuthor Commented:
My email is

You could try this book:
This is a wonderful book, especially if you want to do self-study.

The C Programming Language: ANSI C Version
Brian W. Kernighan  Dennis M. Ritchie

Paperback, 2nd ed., 272pp.
ISBN: 0131103628
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Pub. Date: May  1988
Price is about $40 to $60, depending on the binding and edition.

- stochastic

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