FatalExit code 0x0200 on Win95 logoff. Why?

Getting "fatal exit code 0x0200" on windows 95 logoff" .
Happens sporadically and requires a power cycle which then (of course) requires a scan disk. Very annoying.

Win 95 OSR2 system, 64 MB RAM. Cyrix 200 Mhz processor.

How can I avoid this annoyance?
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hewittgConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Do you have any boreland products loaded?

This is interesting.

clay111296Author Commented:
Not any obvious ones (like  Delphi).  Its possible that some program is using the Borland Database Engine, although I don't think so. (I think our only database-using program uses foxpro or an Access database)

BTW, I've closed ALL applications before logging off and still get the same error.

Try hitting contol, alt delete and look at tasks running. If you see findfast then end the task, if this fixes the problem then you can remove findfast from windows startup, it is not needed and was a good idea that never worked from Microsoft.
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Another thought is if you Microsoft plus installed, it will hang windows up from shutting down or give you an error. The work around on this is to install a custom on plus and don't install drivespace 3. Systems seem to perform well if installed this way.
After a more thorough review it sounds like hewittq hit the nail on the head and if you follow the advise of the article he posted sounds like it should take care of your problem. Great job hewittq!
clay111296Author Commented:
Hmmm... hewittg 's comment is interesting, but I'm getting a different error code.  Other than the "Fatal error" part of it, there is no correlation between the two, and no way to test this.

If this is the error, then there's nothing I can do about it, since it's an internal problem with some program.

Any other thoughts?

The only other two programs I am aware of that hung windows was Microsoft Plus and if you do a custom install and don't select drivespace 3 then it works fine, the other thing is anti-virus programs and video drivers can cause hangups. Not offering you mcuh and when I went to the sight hewittg identified it seemed to be exactly what you were reporting. Dave
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