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i found a website once that allowed u to type in a URL and it would return a detailed evaluation of a website. from download speeds to broken links to proper usage of html code to almost everything.

i can't seem to find it anymore. anyone know of a similar site? thanks.

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kiphughesAuthor Commented:
sorry i didn't make myself clear. the website i am referring to offers its services for free. the links above don't.

it was an online evaluation utility. u type in the URL and in a few seconds, u get a detailed eval of broken links, spelling, loading times, browser compatibility, and popularity.

any other links?
I think that you are thinking of Site Inspector, which now seems to have been rebranded as Site Owner and is at  It does all that you want, for free and automates submission to the 5 or 6 biggest search engines.
kiphughesAuthor Commented:

thanx -- that was the website i was looking for.
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