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When we send from Outlook 2000 to Outlook Express, it looks like the attachments gets downloaded (mail takes a long time to come in) but then in the message there appears to be no attachments. Why can this be?
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VinceAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure you don't send the mail item in RTF (Rich Text Format). Try using HTML or Plain Text instead.
Do the messages show a paperclip icon in the view?  When you open the message is there a yellow paperclip on the right hand side of the message title screen, if you click on this, any attachments should be listed.
roelfschAuthor Commented:
There are no paperclips, you can't go " file, save attachment" and there is absolutely no indication of anything attached!
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On the Exchange Server - is there a size limitation on your e-mails?  If the attachmates are over the size limit, it won't attach.
roelfschAuthor Commented:
I'll check the formats! W use a Linux Sendmail server with a 2.5MB limit and then it will deny the whole message.
I'm not sure about Outlook 2000, but in my experience with Outlook 97 if you are using Microsoft Exchange Server to send to Outlook Express it will not work.  The opposite direction will work fine but Exchange to Express won't.
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