I just erased my services file!!!!!!

Posted on 2000-04-14
Last Modified: 2010-04-20
I did an echo to it and erased all of it.


What now?
do I copy it from another computer?

Help please fast!!!
Question by:unomateo
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Accepted Solution

kiffney earned 50 total points
ID: 2717427
Copy from another computer!!  Or copy from this:

# services      This file describes the various services that are
#            available from the TCP/IP subsystem.  It should be
#            consulted instead of using the numbers in the ARPA
#            include files, or, worse, just guessing them.
# Version:      @(#)/etc/services      2.00      04/30/93
# Author:      Fred N. van Kempen, <>

tcpmux            1/tcp                        # rfc-1078
echo            7/tcp
echo            7/udp
discard            9/tcp            sink null
discard            9/udp            sink null
systat            11/tcp            users
daytime            13/tcp
daytime            13/udp
netstat            15/tcp
qotd            17/tcp            quote
chargen            19/tcp            ttytst source
chargen            19/udp            ttytst source
ftp-data      20/tcp
ftp            21/tcp
telnet            23/tcp
smtp            25/tcp            mail
time            37/tcp            timserver
time            37/udp            timserver
rlp            39/udp            resource      # resource location
name            42/udp            nameserver
whois            43/tcp            nicname            # usually to sri-nic
domain            53/tcp
domain            53/udp
mtp             57/tcp                          # deprecated
bootps            67/udp                        # bootp server
bootpc            68/udp                        # bootp client
tftp            69/udp
gopher            70/tcp                        # gopher server
rje            77/tcp
finger            79/tcp
http            80/tcp                        # www is used by some broken
www            80/tcp                        # progs, http is more correct
link            87/tcp            ttylink
kerberos      88/udp            kdc             # Kerberos authentication--udp
kerberos      88/tcp            kdc             # Kerberos authentication--tcp
supdup            95/tcp                        # BSD supdupd(8)
hostnames      101/tcp            hostname      # usually to sri-nic
iso-tsap      102/tcp
x400            103/tcp                        # ISO Mail
x400-snd      104/tcp
csnet-ns      105/tcp
pop-2            109/tcp                        # PostOffice V.2
pop-3            110/tcp                        # PostOffice V.3
pop            110/tcp                        # PostOffice V.3
sunrpc            111/tcp
sunrpc            111/tcp            portmapper      # RPC 4.0 portmapper UDP
sunrpc            111/udp
sunrpc            111/udp            portmapper      # RPC 4.0 portmapper TCP
auth            113/tcp            ident           # User Verification
sftp            115/tcp
uucp-path      117/tcp
nntp            119/tcp         usenet            # Network News Transfer
ntp            123/tcp                        # Network Time Protocol
ntp            123/udp                        # Network Time Protocol
netbios-ns      137/tcp         nbns
netbios-ns      137/udp         nbns
netbios-dgm     138/tcp         nbdgm
netbios-dgm     138/udp         nbdgm
netbios-ssn     139/tcp         nbssn
imap             143/tcp                        # imap network mail protocol
NeWS            144/tcp            news            # Window System
snmp            161/udp
snmp-trap      162/udp
ipx            213/tcp                        # ipx
ipx            213/udp
exec            512/tcp                        # BSD rexecd(8)
biff            512/udp            comsat
login            513/tcp                        # BSD rlogind(8)
who            513/udp            whod            # BSD rwhod(8)
shell            514/tcp            cmd            # BSD rshd(8)
syslog            514/udp                        # BSD syslogd(8)
printer            515/tcp            spooler            # BSD lpd(8)
talk            517/udp                        # BSD talkd(8)
ntalk            518/udp                        # SunOS talkd(8)
efs             520/tcp                         # for LucasFilm
route            520/udp            router routed      # 521/udp too
timed            525/udp            timeserver
tempo           526/tcp         newdate
courier            530/tcp            rpc            # experimental
conference      531/tcp         chat
netnews         532/tcp         readnews
netwall         533/udp                         # -for emergency broadcasts
uucp            540/tcp            uucpd            # BSD uucpd(8) UUCP service
klogin            543/tcp                         # Kerberos authenticated rlogin
kshell            544/tcp            cmd             # and remote shell
new-rwho      550/udp            new-who            # experimental
remotefs        556/tcp         rfs_server rfs  # Brunhoff remote filesystem
rmonitor      560/udp            rmonitord      # experimental
monitor            561/udp                        # experimental
pcserver      600/tcp                        # ECD Integrated PC board srvr
mount            635/udp                        # NFS Mount Service
pcnfs            640/udp                        # PC-NFS DOS Authentication
bwnfs            650/udp                        # BW-NFS DOS Authentication
kerberos-adm      749/tcp                         # Kerberos 5 admin/changepw
kerberos-adm      749/udp                         # Kerberos 5 admin/changepw
kerberos-sec      750/udp                         # Kerberos authentication--udp
kerberos-sec      750/tcp                         # Kerberos authentication--tcp
kerberos_master      751/udp                         # Kerberos authentication
kerberos_master      751/tcp                         # Kerberos authentication
krb5_prop      754/tcp                         # Kerberos slave propagation
listen            1025/tcp      listener RFS remote_file_sharing
nterm            1026/tcp      remote_login network_terminal
kpop            1109/tcp                        # Pop with Kerberos
ingreslock      1524/tcp
tnet            1600/tcp                        # transputer net daemon
cfinger            2003/tcp                  # GNU finger
nfs            2049/udp                  # NFS File Service
eklogin            2105/tcp                        # Kerberos encrypted rlogin
krb524            4444/tcp                        # Kerberos 5 to 4 ticket xlator
irc            6667/tcp                  # Internet Relay Chat
dos            7000/tcp      msdos

# End of services.
linuxconf      98/tcp            # added by linuxconf RPM

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