Disk Size.

My harddisk space is 8 gb. But when I check the properties of
my c drive, it shows only  6 gb totally ( 5 gb occupied and 1 gb free).

When I ran fdisk and check, it shows some partition using 22% of my 8 gb (!).

How to get rid of this unwanted .. partition, and utilize the
100% of my hard disk ?

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caramilkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use Partition Magic and use the Merge option, which will put all the information together.
fdisk shows you that another partition is using the 22% of you disk space.
if you want to add this diak space to drive c: you'll probably have to format drive c: because changing the file system on a HD does that.
One other think you can do is to assign this partition as a logical partition if it isn't one right now  - format it and get automaticly a new drive letter.
I hope this helps.
Use Partition Magic to get rid of the partition or extend the drive C. You will not lose anything in this case.
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Use Partition Magic to get rid of the partition you do not want or extend the drive C. You don't need to reformat the drive C.
Has it always been like that, or did it change recently??

Regards, Bud
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mnprvidyaAuthor Commented:
hi sf_168 i tried partition magic but still... no + result.

and smeebud,
  it was ok prev. i installed win 2000 (i used part. magic to partition my hard disk then).
then i removed the win 2000 partition but still it shows  that 2. gb unused ...  (out of 8 gb ).

formating will be the last option for me.


I don't think formatting alone will help, you will need to run fdisk and remove all partitions and then partition again to the max size.
mnprvidyaAuthor Commented:
now there is a different .. picture altogether.

in fdisk it shows only 66% of the total disk size. (out of 8 mb).

(no other partition is shown in fdisk).

but in part. magic it shows free space 2.9 mb (aprox).

when i try to delete this partition using partition magic - there is not delete option at all (that is the option is disabled).

How do i get back that 2.9 mb back ?

Use fdisk to remove all partitions and then repartition it to the size you want
mnprvidyaAuthor Commented:
If I remove all the partitions using fdisk - i will be losing the current data in the disk  -  am i right ?

When I tried to create a partition (another partition with that 2.9 mb  it created an additional drive - partition ).

When I deleted that partition again --- boom - back to square 1 - 5 and 3 free.

so i think that there is something (some .. parameters in partition magic restricting my primary partition go beyong 5 mb - HOPE NOW I GET SOME BETTER SOLUTION .



In partition Magic, is the partition that you can't delete FAT32? Is it free space or a Partition with a drive letter?
mnprvidyaAuthor Commented:
  it is a free space that i am not able to delete.

  caramilk i will try part. magic. merge option and let you know.

You don't want to delete freespace.  You add it to the existing partitions. Just drag the ending (or beginning if that applies) edge over until it takes up all the freespace.  
nils pipenbrinckCommented:
you can remove the unused partition and create a new one.. one that's usable with windows. you even don't need PartitionMagic to do so.

Here is a dump of my harddisk:

  Partition  Status   Type    Volume Label  Mbytes   System   Usage
   C: 1         A    PRI DOS   LOTHIAN       4103   FAT32       51%
      2              EXT DOS                 3953               49%

I use two partitions. the one named lothian is my primary drive.. I also have two logical drives in the EXT partition.

Start fdisk and type letter 4 (display partition info). A screen should appear which shows the above summary of partitions on your harddisk (cut'n'paste it and post it here please).

If you have a EXT partition you'll be able to see all logical drives in the EXT partition. if you've been asked to watch them say YES!

On my system the following appears:

Drv Volume Label  Mbytes  System  Usage
F:  NEO            3953  FAT32     100%

This is ok because windows detected a FAT32 system on it and assigned the drive letter F to it.

If you don't find such a partition you can make use of your disk-space this way:

use fdisk to  delete the unused partition. (that's menu point 3, then again 3 if you have a logical drive and 2 afterwards to get rid of the extended partition itself).

Now create a new partition (a extended one). After you did so fdisk will ask you to add a logical drive to the partition. Say yes and allocate the entire space to the new partition.

Afterwards you have to reboot your computer. If everything worked next time you'll start windows a new drive letter will appear in your explorer. If you click on it the system will most likely hang (because the drive hasn't been formated yet). Format the drive and there are your lost megabytes.

That's it..

Good luck (and please before your remove the partition please go into fdisk, copy the information screens and post them here.. I would like to take a look at it. (just in case something really weired is going on on your harddisk and it's better not to change anything... )

I get the impression that fdisking is not the best solution because Prasanna doesn't want to lose the data and start over. If you have Partition Magic, there isn't any reason to start over. It is just a matter of picking up the space. You version of Partition Magic does have to be 4 or 5 though because of the size of your Hard drive.
nils pipenbrinckCommented:
he don't have to loose his data.

If he has a dead partition on his harddisk he can simply delete it and setup a extended partition. He won't loose any single byte this way.


(read my answer.. I never said anything about deleting the primary partition.. that's the place where c:\ is located)

mnprvidyaAuthor Commented:
ok ok guys.

i got it.
i found out the way using part. magic to extend the partition and i got the
100% disk space available now.
(without losing a bit of data).

I thik caramilk had given me a hint.

I don't know how to give the points to him !!!

Thx for your support.
mnprvidyaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your support.
but there is no merge option available,
(as for as i can see in pm).
but I somehow extended the partition - thanks for your tip.

I have Partition Magic 5 so maybe you have an earlier version.
Partition Magic 5 has a merge option.

Thanks for the points
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