mount my floppy dirve

why that I can't mount my floppy drive by this way : mount -t msdos /mnt/floppy /somedir/ but mount it like this way : mount /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy -t vfat, can anyone explain it to me ?
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The syntax of the mount command is:

mount -t <FS type> /dev/<DEVICE> /<DIRECTORY TO MOUNT ON>

Your second command, which you say works, follows this syntax.  The first however, specifies a directory, /mnt/floppy instead of /dev/fd0 as the device.

/mnt/floppy is not the floppy device, but /dev/fd0.

Check the mount man page for a wealth of information:

man mount


ahchongAuthor Commented:
yes !! Thanks, before I give the points, still got a question, how you know which device use fdx or hdx ?
fdx are drives connected to the floppy controller, and hdx are drives connected to the ide bus.

hda - primary master
hdb - primary slave
hdc - secondary master
hdd - secondary slave

fd0 - first device on floppy controller
fd1 - second device on floppy controller

(Note that fd is not necessarily a floppy drive - you can connect tape drives on the floppy controller.  Also, hd is not necessarily a hard disk drive - you can connect cdrom drives on the ide bus)

Note that in kernel 2.3.x and 2.4.x when  it is released (I imagine you are running a 2.2.x kernel) the ide devices will change to be called ide0, ide1 etc etc.

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ahchongAuthor Commented:
then how can I mount the cdrom ?
Hi ahchong,
use the command

mount /mnt/cdrom

to mount the cdrom drive.

read the 'man mount' pages, That is the basic and the details of all information.
Careful with the points  :)
ahchongAuthor Commented:
hello, I heard that I will need to know which partition (they said hda1, hda2, hda3...), is it true that got hda1, hda2 ??? If realy got, how can I know that my Windows is hdax ??? (because I want to load the file from my windows)
Yes, you need the partition number.  I would suggest the easiest is to simply try out a few different numbers!

mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /mnt/windows

and if that doesn't work, thry hda2 etc etc.  It'll probably be hda1.

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