conexant modem installation on win2k

I've formatted my HD recently and wanted to install both win98 & 2k.
I installed 98 and than installed win2k on another partition. It works fine except for one problem: I can't install my modem on win2k. I know this is a driver problem since the same modem works just fine in win98. I tried to reinstall the modem with several drivers from several websites and niether of them worked. the only one that DID worked is not dialing - I only hear the modem "clicks" and than nothing, and after a few seconfs I get a no-dialtone err - this also mean that the driver is wrong.
my modem is
Conexant SoftK56 Data/Fax RTAD PCI modem
more info on win98 gives:

ATI1 255
2 OK
3 SoftK56V_B2.1_V2.07.01
4 Conexant SoftK56 Data/Fax RTAD PCI
5 181
6 SoftK56
6 CModem Version 11
6 Rksample Version 340
7 255

I believe that the manufacturer is a company in the name of Pacific Image. Don't bother trying thier website - it's useless.
If anyone has the same modem and installed it on win2k PLEASE tell me how! If anyone else has a solution he will be rewarded with 200 pts after the modem will be installed.
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bullionConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to control panel> add programs. Browse the driver cd for rwhsfnt4/setup.exe. If it takes and asks for win95 disk then point to rwhsf95 then finish and reboot. If it fails remove, reboot and repeat. It took more than one attempt for me but it now works fine.
mleflerAuthor Commented:
the same question is now posted also at:
post a comment wherever you like :)
mleflerAuthor Commented:
one more thing - I found out that in win2k both the modem and the display adapter use the same IRQ. it does not show a hardware conflict however. Nevertheless, I can't seem to change system recourses in win2k - it seems to be grayed out.
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Have you looked at this site?  Don't know if these are the drivers you tried or not.
The website address is usually helpful...sorry:
mleflerAuthor Commented:
yea, it's one of the first ones I tried.
thanks anyway... :-)
mleflerAuthor Commented:
Okay! I got it working now...
But now it fails handshaking!! maybe I need a newer version of the driver...
mleflerAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much!
after weeks of attempts I almost decided to buy a new modem. but now it works great! thanks!
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