identify modem/sound card

I need to identify a modem/sound card.  Model # md-2781.
It has an MWAVE chip on it.  54.ab118.003,v.1.0.23.
Writen on the chip is IBM38 2780PRO.

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redhorse110598Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It is an IBM MWAVE modem - combination Modem/Sound card.
These type of combination modem/sound cards are never a very good idea.
I suggest you get a new modem that is just a modem & a new sound card that is just a sound card.
IBM MWAVE modems have a number of problems the most serious being connection and disconnect problems.
If you must continue using it, IBM has some information and current modem drivers at:
I hope this helps.
Go to START->PROGRAMS->ACCESSORIES->Hyperterminal. Most likely it will open a window containing many icons. Double-click "Hypterm" or "Hypterm.exe" depending on your configuration. It will ask for a name. You must give it one, but it's irrelevant. I usually use "test". On the second screen it will show your modem. That's a pull-down menu. Pull it down and choose "Direct to Com" for whichever com port you are on. Then type ATI3 and hit ENTER and it should give you what we need.


Go to START->SETTINGS->CONTROL PANELS. Open "Modem". Click on "Diagnostics", then the port that shows your modem next to it. Click on "More Info" and it should communicate with your modem briefly and return most of the common commands. ATI3 will be listed in the white box.

drivers for hardware or software can be found here:
I am a little confused about how things work here.
Did I not answer/give all the information one could possibly want and was my answer not the first one?
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The question asks for how to identify the card, not for drivers.
Ok, sorry, but I did identify it?
I guess I didn't understand the question.
randyjonesAuthor Commented:
the card is not in a computer
randyjonesAuthor Commented:
It was a good answer and sent me in the right direction, but when I got to the IBM sight, all the drivers were listed from the computer it came out of, and that I don't know.  As for not using a combination modem/sound card, good advise but I was already going there.  I just wanted to see if I could get this one working.  
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