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program to notify me when modem line is free

Several computers share the same phone line for dial-up internet access, and I am needing a freeware program that will run on my computer and let me know when when line becomes free.  
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There might be an easier way. There are little boxes you hook into a phone line that alert you when the line is in use. I don't know of any place to buy them off the top of my head. Try radio shack.
This seems like it can do what you want, never used it myself though....

It's not freeware though, shareware, works for 30 days then nags.


Road Warrior
Different appraoch:

If you install a server (like Sygate - you can use the same line simultaneously !
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Why not just set the autodial feature of your DUN to redial every minute or so, this would check the line for you and when it was free it should connect.
Bad part of this is the modem going "offhook" to check the line for dial tone may cause the other modems to disconnect, depends on their senitivity. If that works then don't tell the other users though or they may do the same to you.
at the above location you'll find a .bat-file that lets you run anything you want when a site becomes online.
if you adjust a little bit you can make it beep whenever the connection is open ...
I think, anyway ...
The free option,
If your machines are sharing the internet connection could you not simply trying pinging from your machine to any www address, to see if you are connected, if this does not work then chances are there is no internet connection.
This assumes you need to use the phone for voice calls, and are not trying to access the net...
Otherwise you could put '98 on the machines and use the internet sharing thing to share the net connection over all machines.

This may be of no use, not really enough info supplied, just my 2cents...
Just had a thought, maybe modems are not wired to be able to implement a "extension in use" function. After all, they only usually have two lines to the socket.

I would just fire up hyperterminal, set it up for your com port, cancel the dial dialogue, then type ATDT in the terminal window, this will pick up the line and listen for a dial tone, connecting the internal speaker, if you hear the dialtone, you have the line, if you hear "assault of the eardrums in E minor" then another modem is online, if you hear voices, (from the speaker, ignore any in your head, I do)  there is a voice call. Usually modems picking up the line like this do not seem to disturb other modems, this is because they only just listen and the small click when they pick up an put down can be handled by the other modem as if it were static. Press escape to hang up after running that command, or if you wait a few seconds it will time out automatically.


Road Warrior.
RoadWarrior He could do the same thing by using the DUN, just set it to redial every "X" minutes, when it does not find the dial tone it will reset and try again in "X" minutes, when the line is free then it will dial out for him and he is connected. Why would you need a separate program for this??
I was probably thinking of some of the cheap and nasty modems I have had that didn't seem to care too much if there was a dialtone or not.
That may be in his favor too, if that disrupt the other person that is online then he could snag the line first before they redial.
Or I have disconnected others by simply picking up an extension and leaving it off hook for a few seconds, long enough to create some extra line noise.

But remember what comes around goes around
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