PowerMac 6100 problem

I have a powermac 6100/80 with only 250 meg HD, 24 megs Ram.  Having only run OS 7.1.2 on this machine, I began having trouble with programs that required greater than 7.5.  I loaded OS 8.0. Along with IE 4.5.  Aparently OS 8.0 activated virtual memory.  So in essence I should have 48 megs of Ram capability.
But when ever I run a program I get the message that there is not enough memory and the computer locks up.  I've increased the memory of the programs I'm using.  The memory that is supposed to be left on the HD was originally 100 megs.  Each time I the computer locks up I loose more memory on the HD.  I know there are bugs with OS 8. and I'm trying to download OS 8.1.  Unfortunately the computer keeps locking up.  What are your ideas on what the problem is and how to correct it.  Points release with a workable solution.
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aezzyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Upgarde your RAM may help you problem 24MB is really not enough to run 8.0. I would recommended you use operating system 7.6. This is a good stable OS that gives you a different feel from previous versions. 250MB hard disk is really not enough memory to run MacOS 8.0 because the operating system will take about 150MB and this does not leave enough memory for application and documents. Maybe your HD is getting a bit old and needs replaceing. Your 250MB HD may have bad sectors reducing the space. Try running Norton's Disk Doctor V3.5. Also when installing 8.0 make sure you have Appletalk turned on or the installation will be unsuccessful.
You propably have some extension conflicts going on.
Upgrading from 7.1 to 8.0 is a big jump, and many of your apps may need upgrading.
from control panels, open extension manager, choose 8.0 extensions only, and restart.
If you don't have any problems from there, then enable the control panels and extensions of one application at a time and restart. try and go on from there.
Tou may want to load IE 1st and download 8.1 and any upgrades you know of already.
Don't use conflict catcher if you have it, unless latest vrs.
Check for latest upgrades to all of your apps.
Installing a clean system is not a bad idea either.
This is a good start for you. I don't think there's a magic cure here. Just lots of work.
As you eleminate some of these items, ping back with any more info.
groundhogAuthor Commented:
I am using upgraded programs such as IE 4.5, AppleWorks 5.0.3, Eudora Light 3.1.3.  I understand that the HD is not a large one, but when I purchased the computer it was the largest at that time.  Because of that, I've tried to keep just what was needed on the HD.  All other programs are kept on zip disk.   I just appears that each time I fire up the computer I have less memory.   When I loaded 8.0 it activiated virtual memory which in essence should have given me 48 megs RAM.  When I look under the apple menu and select "About this computer all I get is Built in memory at 24 MB, Virtual Memory at 25.9 MB, and unused blocks at 10.9 MB.  Nothing to indicate the total memory used, like it did with other OS's.  Are you saying that if I increase the HD say to 500 MB, this will correct the problem.
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