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Can anyone recommend me some good feature and user friend software so that i can creat banners and graphics for my website.
It is possible i can download for free.

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890Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Get GIMP at
it lets you save your layered images as animation gif and "it's free" they also have a pc version. Best of all you can edit all of the images at the same time. Just make sure that you turn you image layers into indexed color. or else get MSgif Microsoft's Gif Animator. It's also free.
You may try Animationshop. It is bundeled with the well known Paint Shop Pro. You can get a 60-days trial version from your favorite download site.
Go to 
and download "Gif Constuction set"

Very easy.
chwankokAuthor Commented:
Dear 890
I went in to the  website that u recommend
but i cant download the software.What is the problem ?
The Problem is that all the files you are seeing are for linex and those who have a complier for the codes. So they are not for you. The PC files are kinda hidden some where.
Here's the link.

For the Microsoft's Gif Animator look around you may still need it. Cause I haven't find out the way to change the time on each image on GIMP.
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