Delprof Utility in NT4 Resource Kit

I have a problem with the NT4 Resource Kit utility.

See below what happens when I run it on a remote computer:

H:\Problems & Projects\Del Local Profiles>delprof /c:\\a0022592

Delete inactive profiles on \\a0022592? (Yes/No) y

Failed to retrieve the profile path for S-1-5-21-1501897085-797909509-1905203885
The system cannot find the file specified.

What is that number? Sometimes on some PCs it deletes some of the profiles, but then says that for others.

What's wrong?

(By the way, I've made sure that the PC is switched on)

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What you are looking at is the SID of the user he tries to delete the profile from.
Is it possible that someone has deleted profiles by hand (read deleted in command mode or explorer).
Or that the profile on the system belongs to a user that is already deleted.
With user2sid you should be able to track down the name if he is not deleted.
simonprrAuthor Commented:
No, the user profiles are definitely there. I've logged onto a PC with a few different accounts and then checked that the profiles are there.

Then ran the delprof utility from my PC remotely (I do have the rights too).

Where can I get user2sid?
download from to get user2sid and sid2user.
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simonprrAuthor Commented:
Anyone else out there?

If your not commenting because it ain't enough points, please let me know!
simonprrAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points from 50 to 100
simonprrAuthor Commented:
As your the only person who could be bothered!!
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