In Flash how do you get a text field caption to show a number by a variable expression.

Doing a math game with 2 text fields for addition and 3 text fields for the user to click on and then compare to see if it was the correct answer.

Lets say you've got a 2 text fields with variable names Topb, Bottomc(I need to Set these variables to Randomize to a valur of 1 to 5 and show them in the appropiate text fields). Another layer with the expression a=b+c. Now there are three text fields with the variable names x,y, z(I need to Randomize these -5 or +5 to the value of a, and randomize which one will equal the value of a displaying the value in that particular text box. Thank You!
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RoyKruyshaarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Chrisb12,

Finally, here is the url:
Here you can download a zip-file with the *.fla, *.swf and *.html of the mahgame I make.
When you have further questions, feel free to ask.

Good Luck,

chrisb12Author Commented:
Adjusted points from 200 to 300
chrisb12Author Commented:
Need help really bad really quick. Thank You!
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chris -

i'd happily help you with this one but i don't understand the question. can you rephrase it, perhaps? thanks!

I think I know what you mean..
I've ge to work now, but when I came back, I shall put an example to my site for you to download.
I give you a answer when it's there. Please wait for me.
I've got a solution for you. From here I cannot FTP so, when I got home (within 3 hours) I put the files on my web-site, so that you ca download them.
Please be patient.
Well Chrisb12, does it work like you want to?
chrisb12Author Commented:
Sorry I thought I gave you the points before and what does PAQ mean?
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