duplicate movies at spezific time

i've a movie on the first frame of the whole film. the movie itself contains 2 tweens, the first from frame 1-5, and the second from 5-20 (loop). every time the whole film reaches the 5th frame in the small movie, another instance of this movie should be created an run. how to do this ?
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68kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you are trying to make the smaller 5 frame animation play a given number of times, see this article below:


if this is too complex, i would recommend putting the animations inside movie clips and controlling how many times they loop by using the settings in the instance properties box. an article on this as well:


hope this helps -


geokaAuthor Commented:
no. that doesn't help. that's trivial programming. what i need is the following:
the whole film is shematic like this:

whole film
  1.frame: the tweenig animation
      tweenig animation:
          1-5.frame: object moves into visible area (tween)
          5-20.frame: loop on screen (tween)
          20.frame: goto 5 and play

what i need: create an instance of the tweening animation every time it reaches frame 5.

how to do this. any workarounds ???

Well this is what to do:

Download the following file:
In the first frame is a variable 'numClips' with is 5 (number of to duplicate movies)
Int the flash there is one 'MainMovie'. This movie loops from frame 5 to 20. In the 20th frame of this movie, it duplicates itself to CopyMovieX (where x is numClips).
This will be repeated everytime the 'MainMovie' comes to frame 20 until 'numClips' will be 0. Than you will have 5 CopyMovies running over each other. You can see that by List Objects (Test Mode, Ctrl+L).
I hope you can work with this, when you have further questions, please feel free to ask.

Good Luck,

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To download the movie, please use RightClick and than Save As to download the movie.

well geoka,

How are you doing so far?
geokaAuthor Commented:
uuh, i forget you to give the pionts, i'm very busy this time, so i hadn't tryed it yet, but i think it shoulb be working as i descriped. thx for doing this for me.
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