error occured while attaching a file using cdonts.newmail from a form using
<input type=file>
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when you send the mail with cdount then first of all the file should be present in your server diectory
use the file tag and also use aspupload component for uploading the file and then that file send through cdount.attachurl("filename")
Not each and every browser support this input type explain your browser
I don't think that the cdonts newmail component is supose to attach a file like that, you could upload it first and then attach it.  I think you are supose to attach a file already on the server.
venki001Author Commented:
I want to use like yahoo mail /any other mail service attaching a file. what to do for that using cdonts.newmail.
Well, I know there is a way to attach a file with the URL to the file, otherwise you need to get an upload dll so that you site can accept the upload, then attach it, and then delete it.
here is a link to a good site about CDONTS.NewMail
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