pass a jList from an applet to a servlet

I'm currently building a jList in an applet and like to create a kind of report html page (in fact a table with the element of that jList) with a servlet.

How to pass the jList to the servlet?

Thx for the help from Belgium!
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javax.swing.ToolTipManager does not implement the serializable interface

You shouldn't serialize the entire JTable. You need to serialize only the data stored in jtable. when receive the serialized data you can easely create a jtable
you can serialize that list and
send it through a socket to that servlet.
usa4manuAuthor Commented:
In fact, I'm working now with a JTable and when I try to serialize the object with the command writeObject (Object) I have an "IO Exception: ToolTipManager$1".

ps: the JTable Object implements the Serialize Interface...

Have U an idea?
usa4manuAuthor Commented:
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