how to send a pager message with a modem

Posted on 2000-04-18
Last Modified: 2010-04-04
can anyone provide me a code sample how to send a message via modem to a alphanumeric pager ?

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Doesn't the pager provider has a program that does what you want? At least in the netherlands kpn is profiding that kind of software for their paging services.

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the pager provider has such a software, but it does only run under dos or win 3.1 and crashes all the time.

well it's the cheapest pager we found.

but i don't think it's a very heavy task to program that by hand. or am i wrong ?

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ID: 2725981
.. oh sorry there is another software for this pager but this software needs ms-outlook to run.

the reason why i want to program it myself is, we have server watchdog program that checks if all webservers and webapplications are running correctly on the server. what we want to do is sending automatically a pager message to the admin when a server or application hangs.
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perhaps you can ask for the source code form the win3.1 prog.. I guezz the other program that needs ms-outlook is sending a mail or somthing. You can offer to upgrade and debug the program and give a program to the pager company and use the source code in your porgram to allert your sysops.

The code will do probably call a number send the pagernumber and then the message you wanted to send.

I can't give you code becauze i don't know how your pager company is expecting the data.

i'm quite shure that it won't be hard.



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there's an idea(i don't know if it's  practical):

if yourfamilliar with the sms tecnologie(the text- message sending to the phones)--there are sites ofcell company's that give this free(the sendingsms stuff to someone), i have a freind who used the cell-phones server application to send sms from his  ownprogram--he viewed the source code in the site,hooked into the server and he got it.

the idea:try looking in pager compnay's sites or something ,,and   tryto do the same thing....        

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Contact your pager company and ask them for the dial-in number and the protocol used. If they won't give it to you, use a different company.

I would also suggest using SMS. Here in Australia, my Telco has a dial in number that you use terminal software to send SMS to mobile phone. I wrote a component that enables my Delphi app to use this service, it uses 3rd party tools from TurboPower (async professional for Delphi) so I can't give you the source (unless you buy ASP !).

Overall, it wasn't hard to do, if you can get access to dial-in number, just call it with Hyperterminal or similar, and take note of what happens. Thats what I did.


Author Comment

ID: 2727015
thank you all

tomer_engel ->
i have code that does the sms stuff, will say it's just a email add ress and the isp does the rest.

god ares ->
this company does not seem to be very cooperative. i think they don't have the code anyway. it seems that you have code that does something with pages. could you show me that ?

mullet attack ->
i will ask for the protocol. we don't want to use sms because we won't buy cellular phone only for that service. and we don't want to by asp because once a time code should also run on linux.

Accepted Solution

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ID: 2727778
I wrote a program a long time ago that used the internal modem to dial out to a numeric pager wait for a while (for the beep to pass) and then dialed in the numeric messages.

To do that, I just sent the modem:

ATDT(and the pagers telephone number)
(a bunch of commas (pauses))
and the coded message

so a pager command might look like...


we had a system where 2220 might be the address of the building,
23 would indicate the server, and 911 meant it was serious (like users offline)

More recently, with text paging, all you have to do is send an email to a special email address.  Here's how:

1. create a special email address for your robot, like
2. use WINSHOES (because it's free and way easy) to create a program that
   sends the message to the pagers email address


No Com Ports, no ASYNC Pro.  Easy.


Author Comment

ID: 2730347
what is WINSHOES ?

i have a textpager but that pager hasn't got an email address...

do have some further details ?

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ID: 2746857
if it is posible call the pager... find out how long you have to wait and if you have to press any buttons... make an app that does what you would do by hand.

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