HP Driver Issues

I have a HP 697C printer connected to an HP CPU. I am running Win 98. Some how the printer no longer works. If I try to re-install it I get an error stating Can not find the driver QL.DRV try to load form the printers folder.

I have tried to load the drivers many, many way's with no success. Any Ideas about this QL.DRV Driver?
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sorgieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to print manager and delete the printer again then go to regedit from the start/run command

Open the ENUM folder scroll down to LPTENUM open it and see if HP is still listed this happens often that the device isn't removed from the registry.

Then see if you can reinstall your printer
ajl3Author Commented:
This process brought me further along in the install process, however I am still coming up with QL.DRV Error. I have also recieved and " unable to update c:\ windows\win.ini file.
Any thoughts?
Run sysedit from the run command and open your win.ini file
scroll down and see if your printer is listed in devices and is it correct.
you can type rem in front of it so it will be ignored and see if the install update your ini file.
ajl3Author Commented:
Thank you again sorgie for your assistance. I will try this when I get home this evening. I hope it works, This is driving me crazy.


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