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Posted on 2000-04-18
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Last Modified: 2008-01-09
I have splash screen that has our company logo on it.  The splash screen stays on for about 10 seconds, sort of long but necessary.  I want to make the splash screen move our logo around or spin it or something to make it more interesting.  Any suggestions?

Question by:sopheak
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Use an animated GIF.

Go to www.tucows.com , download a gif animator and have at it.

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You will probally have to use a timer in conjuction with another control.  If you just want to move the logo around, that would be easy.  If you wish to spin it around, you will probally need a third party control like VSView.

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Animated GIFs are great, especially if your project already uses the IE webbrowser control.

sage's solutions are going to be some coding, which a creative person (I assume someone other than the coder designs the logo) won't be very good at.

An AVI may be practical here. There are many free activex controls that display them, lots of free avi making tools are available on the net, and not much coding is needed.
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I made a nice little feature for a Customer.

It had a woman walking a dog across a menu screen at the bottom. I drew some small pictures in Paintbrush and by using a timer showed different pictures - arm leg and dog combinations and moved them horizontally with the timer at the same time - like a cartoon.

If you clicked on it with the mouse the lady exploded and it started a space Invaders game.  People click on things
all the time! - The Customer asked me to remove the game about a year later (when they found out about it) as 100+ users had become addicted to it!

Anyhow - create three logos in Photoshop or somesuch and show/hide them with a timer - creating the illusion of rotating them - only one visible at a time!

Good Luck


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ID: 2730401
I am doing this on a current project.  Use an AVI.  Make sure it has NO sound, is NOT compressed, and if possible no more than 256 colors.  Use the animation1 control.  If you find that the box of the animation is coming up before the splash screen shows, add a doevents after you load the animation.

Accepted Solution

korky earned 200 total points
ID: 2730691
'Put a MS Multimedia Control on your splash screen

Private Sub Form_Load()
   MMControl1.Visible = False
   MMControl1.Notify = False
   MMControl1.Wait = True
   MMControl1.Shareable = False
   MMControl1.DeviceType = "AVIVideo"
   'Try with some "AVI" file of your own
   MMControl1.FileName = "C:\test.avi"
   MMControl1.hWndDisplay = Me.hWnd
   MMControl1.Command = "Open"
   MMControl1.Command = "Play"
End Sub

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ID: 2730695
Nice, eazy and safe...(-:


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ID: 2732582
You had many responses, mostly I agree with the animated gif procedure.  Low-overhead and quick to do.

Another suggestion is to create Macromedia Flash 'movie'.  If this is a high speed program, Flash can create incredible splash screens.  The control is free to download (latest version is Flash 4.0).

I use Macromedia within my HTML Help files and it creates a fantastic logo presentation.

On a scale of difficulty - this would be a 8 or so (but it is truely amazing).

Good Luck!

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ID: 2733140
Flash would be great except that's another control that may be installed, may have an older version (for some program), and you will need to check on a distibution license for. (I'm not sure about it.)

Animated GIF's would be nice except you'll need either IE WebBrowser or a special control to handle them. (I've seem them, try activex.com)

As for AVIs, korky's code looks best.

VoodooMan's idea looks cool as well.
(BTW, VoodooMan, do you have the code to that still? I'd like to put an easter egg in my program. If you do, say so here, and I'll make a question for you.)

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ID: 2737422
Sprite Animation would be best. if your creative and if your art team is any good use the simple Bitblt api calls in a timer and you have wonderfull results.Its amazing what a 10 frame image can do. Alot simpler than getting some avi and alot nicer effect than animated gif.Sounds like your on border line animation.A plus, Animation is fun to program Not boring like data bases.Sounds like you have a chance to have fun at work


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ID: 2737438
Definetly the way to go in coolness!!!!!

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ID: 2739180
hey FONATURE, what about updates? A well done animated GIF would look just as good as Sprites yet be easier to update.

What do I mean? The gif would be in an external file. This way you could even include instructions to customize it (may not be needed for your app, sophreak; I'm just including it for posterity). Also, your creative staff won't need to communicate with your tech staff (again, might be the same guy, but...) as much, and a good vreative team probably already knows how to play with an animated GIF.

Also, there are thousands of stock animations in GIFs on the web. IF you have little or no creativity (like me), you can just use a fitting gif from the hundreds of thousands on the web.

If you want a game, I found source code to a simple breakout game you could use.

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ID: 2740540
Thats a good point a sprite.bmp could also be a external or a internal file.If it was a external file it could be easly up dated with a simple paint program ( You wouldnt need a Gif animation program).As a internal file the user wouldnt beable to Mess with the Image (A plus If someone has the Idea of Changing the company logo on there Own)And as you stated above you would need a browse control in your project>Thanks for the Offer of the Game but thats ok. If you want any codes about sprite animation let me know I have a ton.Also what ever is truly the correct answer Sopheak could Probally care a less (due to lack of comments on his or her part)

          Cheers  :0)

Author Comment

ID: 2757479
Thanks  to all, i decide to go with korky's suggestion.

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