Beginner: merging array with string ???

Posted on 2000-04-19
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Last Modified: 2010-04-02
hi my code is following:

void CW1Dlg::OnUpdateEdit1()
      phoneNumbers[1] = m_strMessage+phoneNumbers[1] ;
but theres only an accumulation of the umbers not a merging.
i want array number 1 merged with m_strMessage.
Can anyone help ?
Question by:peter_b
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Accepted Solution

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We don't know what these things are, so it is hard to answer.  

However, if you are using C-style strings. you cannot concatenate them using +, you must use the strcat() function like

char String1[100] = "this is";
char String2[] = "A test."

Makes string1 store "this is a test";

However, using C-style strings in C++ is not hardily recomended.  It depends on many factors, but usually you are better of using s string class, like the STL stirng class.

Author Comment

ID: 2731110
its Visual C++ 6 i am fighting with.
So how can I merge then ?

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Expert Comment

ID: 2731782
Well I stil; don't know what "they" are.   I guessed that you are dealing with character strings, but that might not even be true.  If they are strigns, how did you declare them?  if they aren't what are they.   You have to understand that I have only 3 lines of code to work with.  These lines use 2 undefined variables, an undefined class, and an undefined function.  I am an expert, but not a psychic...
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Author Comment

ID: 2733336
sorry i am a beginner working with some books i follow.
i declared m_strMessage with the classwizard to be a string value. It comes from user input (text box 3 numbers alowed only).
the declaration of the array is:
int phoneNamesCount = 1;
CString phoneNames[]      = {"Ve", "B", "Ba"};
CString phoneNumbers[]      = {"0622370", "", ""};

so i need to add the user input before the number 0622370 the second third...
i simply dont know the command to merge them. I allways get lost  in MSDN library...

thanks for helping.

Author Comment

ID: 2733564
DDX_Text(pDX, IDC_EDIT1, m_strMessage);
m_strMessage = _T("");

thats all i can find on declaration of the strings
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Expert Comment

ID: 2734072
DDX_TEXT is used for dynamic data exchange (DDE).  A you using DDE?

As far as I know, this does not work with strings.  This is out of my area of expertise, but it seems that the last parameter, m_strMessage int this case, is numerical in nature.  i.e. it must be a number, not text, not a string

Wait, it can be a CString though.  Did you declare m_strMessage as a CString?  A CString is a string object, that is, a c++ object that acts like a character string.

Note I am leaving town today in about 6 hours.  i will be back in 4 days.

>> so i need to add the user input before
>> the number 0622370 the second third...
What do yuou meant by "add"  do you mean actually--numerically add the values.  That cannot be done directly.  You have to convert the value _represented_ by the strings to a numeritcal data type of some sort.  Then add this numerical value.  Then convert this value back to a string representation.

Or do you mean combine (concatenate) the strings?  You can combine two strings with operator +.  Like
CString X = "this is ";
CString Y = "a test";
CString Z = X + Y; // Stores "this is a test.";

Author Comment

ID: 2734317
phoneNumbers[1] = m_strMessage+phoneNumbers[1] ;

concatenate dont know really what i need is:
333+444 = 333444

if i enter 1 messagebox shows 1
i enter another 2 messagebox shows 121
another 3 --> 123121

so this is absolutely not what i need...
i thought with CString phoneNumbers[] = {"0622370", "", ""};
phoneNumbers[1] would be 0622370
now it is overwritten with what i enter in the box.

using DDE : i dont know :)
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Expert Comment

ID: 2734436
If you enter "1", where does the 1 get stored?

If you don't know what it is, you're not using DDE.  Except you are using it....  Did this code come from somewhere?

Author Comment

ID: 2734439
CString Number = "06223";
phoneNumbers[1] = m_strMessage+Number ;

ok works like this

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