Difference between RegSetValueEx() & WriteProfileString()/WriteProfileInt()?


 i would like to know the difference between RegSetValueEx() and the WriteProfileString() functions.
I want to use the settings of one application and modify the same settings using another application.
How do I do that...?
How do I set the application1 settings in application2. Which function call should I use?

Thank you

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GlennDeanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
   WriteProfileString, for one, calls RegSetValueEx.  WriteProfileString writes a key to a particular place where RegSetValueEx is used to write to any spot in the Registry.  For ex., when you call WriteProfileString it stores a "Name/Value" at, in the default case, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LocalAppWizard-GeneratedApplications\yourAppName\Settings.
  Once WriteProfileString opens the above key in the Registry, it'll use RegSetValueEx to set the "Name/Value" pair that you passed to WriteProfileString.
   From App2, you can set App1's setting by simply opening the appropriate key and calling RegSetValueEx yourself.
devisriAuthor Commented:
RegSetValueEx writes to the Registry, WriteProfileString write to WIN.INI.

You could technically use either method to share setting between applications.

WriteProfileString is easier - RegSetValueEx is probably the preferred method.
That's only for older systems.  On NT and W98, it goes straight to the Registry.
devisriAuthor Commented:
Thank you GlennDean & MT MU

I obeserved that without using SetRegistryKey(..) function, on  Win98,
WriteProfileString() writes to WIN.INI
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