Seeking for an alternative to a mask box

I use the mask box that comes with VB 6 with no mask and with formatting. When it gets the focus the formatting stops, and when it loses the focus, the formatting takes charge again. It works OK for me, except for one problem: it is not possible to justify right or center. My question is then: how could I have the functionality of a mask box and justification at the same time? Is there any other similar control?
Thanks for any help.
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Try this:

With the smartbox you can implement any validation you like. As an example I provided a really silly one, where you simply cannot type, paste, or by any other means get the string "ABA" into the text box except through code of course ;-)

Start Group1.vbg to see the example.

Hope this helps.

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You may have to code a text box in the change or keypress events.  What kind of formatting are you looking for.
Sage, you're right. See my example, it's based on that principle. It wraps an ordinary text box into a user control, and it publicises an event through which a programmer using the control can implement an input validation that can be applied to the text box.
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Alberto071397Author Commented:
Thanks to caraf_g and Sage for the comments.
I downloaded caraf_g's example. It seems to be well programmed and I have no doubt that it will perform as expected, but frankly, I was hoping that there was a simpler answer to my quest, which is just to make a mask box be able to justify its contents to the right. I need this to show currency amounts.
I also would like to say that, although I'm not really a VB beginner, I haven't programmed that much either.
Alberto071397Author Commented:
Comment accepted as answer
Alberto071397Author Commented:
Even though this answer was a bit complicated for me to use, I want to assign the points to caraf_g for his effort.
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