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OS2 protocols/parameters for NT network

This is my first time dealing with OS/2 and no one at my company is familiar with it (an external customer uses OS/2, so I must also).  I need to get the OS/2 machine talking to our NT network.  Using NetBios, and TCP/IP in the OS/2 machine, I can get the networking components to start up (without error), but the OS/2  and NT are not seeing one another (can't ping each other, or use net view).  If I use NetBios over TCP/IP I get errors as OS/2 boots, and the networking components are aborted.  What am I missing?  
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You need to configure NT and OS/2 to use the same protocol, either NetBIOS or TCP/IP, so that they have a common "language" with which to communicate.

PING requires TCP/IP on both computers.

What protocols are installed on each system?

Use the 'NETSTAT' command on each machine, to check routing parameters.

What error-messages do you get when trying to use NetBIOS over TCP/IP ?
jcd2Author Commented:
Thank you, Otta, for your comment.

My NT machine, which in on the NT network, uses TCP/IP and NWlink NetBIOS plus NWlink IPX (a netware related protocol?)

The OS/2 has TCP/IP and I have tried NetBios in three ways, always combined with the TCP/IP (NetBios, NetBios over TCP/IP, and all the protocols needed for Netware (IPX, netware requester, and aform of NetBios))

During load messages on OS/2 look like (using NetBios over TCP/IP or a netware related NetBios, to be more similar to the NWLink NetBios):

TCPBeui: Using a 32-bit data segment.
Net3403: The NET1 NETWORKS entry in the IBMLAN.INI file has a syntax error and will be ignored.
SYS1719: The file C:\IBMLAN\NETPROG\NETWKSTA.200 specified in the IFS statement on line 119 of the config.sys file does not contain a valid device driver or file system driver.  Line 119 is ignored.

At the end of the boot, the following error occurs:
LNM0038: Either Network Messaging or the Netpopup service is already running.  Network Messaging cannot be run if either of these are already running.

The NET1 NETWORKS is garbage (tc***g***g*5,0,LM10,100,100,14 - * are various strange characters)

The referenced file nwtwksta.200 exists in the proper directory.

I have run netstat on both machines, but the output is so different its hard to know what to compare.

> does not contain a valid device driver or file system driver.

I'd be tempted to use MPTS, on the OS/2 machine, to remove all the network components, shutdown, reboot, and then install NetBIOS over TCP/IP.
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jcd2Author Commented:
Thank you again Otta,

You may have hit on something.  I did as you suggested and got improved results - the error in the IBMLAN.INI file went away - the entry became NETBEUI$,0,LM10,100,150,14 (which is now sensable), but the error:
still remains, as if the file NETWKSTA.200 is either corrupted, or altogether the wrong file (but it does exist).  Perhaps I need to see if IBM has another version of this file available for download?
im not 100% sure but i do believe your gonna have to install gateway services for netware on the NT box.
jcd2Author Commented:
My problem seems to have been narrowed down to a specific driver: the file system driver netwksta.200, and it appears to be part of the file and print client setup.  The driver exists, but at boot up I get the error SYS1719: "...not a valid ... file system driver" in the IFS (installable file system) command in config.sys.  This error occurs when trying to load the NetBios over tcp/ip protocol.  Is there an updated (or alternative) driver available somewhere? Or any other experience with this type of error?
Check IBM's web-site:
"Network Clients for OS/2 Warp Server: OS/2 Warp4, DOS/Windows, Windows 95/NT, and Apple Macintosh, SG24-2009-00".

Click on "view this RedBook".

 This redbook details OS/2 Warp Server enhancements and emphasizes the integration of
 Windows 95 and Windows NT Workstation clients in an OS/2 Warp Server environment. We
 illustrate how to install and configure OS/2 Warp Server clients such as: o OS/2 Warp 4 o
 DOS LAN Services for DOS and Windows o IBM Networks Coordinated Logon Client for
 Windows NT 4.0 o IBM Networks Primary Logon Client for Windows NT 4.0 o Apple

 Each platform discussed focuses on file and print services configured for NetBIOS and
 TCP/IP environments, dynamic TCP/IP, where appropriate, and remote access through the
 Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP). The information in this redbook is intended to help network
 administrators in enabling various clients, such as OS/2 Warp 4, DOS (with or without
 Windows), Windows 95, Windows NT, and Apple Macintosh, to work with OS/2 Warp Server
 4.0. The enhancements made to OS/2 Warp Server since its roll-out in October 1995 are
 included. This book also provides end users with the knowledge they need in order to work
 more efficiently with their clients in a networked environment.
jcd2Author Commented:
Thank you again Otta.

The redbook was helpfull.  For now I have scaled back my ambitions and have gotten tcp/ip functioning, such that I can use ftp software and browsers to communicate.  The ultimate problem (wrt to tcp/ip) was the NIC configuration, and that has now been solved.  The redbook will likely help get lan services configured, should they become necessary.  Thank you for your help.
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