Excel: jump to the formula bar

I need by a keystroke to jump the carret to the formula bar so I can edit the cell content.

I don't want to use the mouse for  that.

Anyone can help ?

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One of the shortest (and best) answers I have seen in a long time...
I mean press F2 function key.

For additional shortcuts: See this site: There are two superb overviews, one for Excel, one for Word. Some are worth remembering.
http://notofthisworld.com/cnei/class.htm#Excel 97
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Why confuse us with a lot of additional details? 'F2' was a perfectly good answer!
What is even more amazing, simultanuous question & answer.

A lot of things happened at 12:21 (CEST). !
yairyAuthor Commented:
Sorry to be the bad guy, but this wasn't my question:

I want the switch the cursor to the
formula bar, NOT to edit the cell.
Ofcourse I could so after the cursor will be there.

so try again... ;-)


Sorry Yairy, but unless you have a very special version of Excel, hitting F2 puts your cursor in the formula bar, ready to edit the cell.

I'm afraid I do not understand here ?
yairyAuthor Commented:
Well, my Excel just put the cursor in the focused cell ready to edit the cell.

I am using Excell 97, Hebrew enabled.

Oh I see (Sorry)

You have to go to Tools/Options/Tab 'Edit' and uncheck the box 'Edit directly in cell'

Alt, T, O, arrow key to the edit tab, tab, E to turn off edit in cell, Enter, then F2. After deselecting the option, F2 will edit in the formula bar every time.
What did I just say, DrewD1 ?

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yairyAuthor Commented:
DrewD1 just repeaeted calacuccia words.

yairyAuthor Commented:
So the points go to the winner !

Thanks Yairy !

(now I really feel like crying for cri)
Today is really not my day in E-E... >8-|
yairy: I want my URL back... >8-P
Cri, as compensation for this and your C of today (or was it yesterday), get some points for the good link.


calacuccia, thank you for your support, but I kindly ask to delete it, this could be interpreted as point feeding. Actually I am sore that the amount of unresolved questions (Awaiting/ToBeGraded) is getting out of hand, despite we spending more time here than is actually good for us.

The awarding here was technically correct, although asking back before rejecting would not have hurt either.

yairy, sorry to use your question as info board but this is the price for a free service (especially as you got a discount of 60% as the min. wage is 50 points...)
You're right, cri, question deleted.

Thanks again.
yairyAuthor Commented:
yairy, sorry to use your question as info board but this is the price for a free service (especially as you got a discount of 60% as the min. wage is 50 points...)

True, but I am a poor man....
BTW, I already GAVE you 200 points for the same question "Excel: Change carret mode" at the 31.3.00
then your answer was much longer:
"Press F2"

Have a good weekend all, and don't
take the points issue to hard !


Yairy, :-)

In the future you'd better specifiy in the old question (the 200 pointer you mention), I'm sure Cri would have helped you out for 0 points. After questions have been accepted, discussion can go on, and I know cri always wants to assure the problem is solved to the bottom.

yairy, I am not that 'point horny'...

I  have skipped the word 'Press' (I knew ture et al waiting to pounce...) but you even got the URL (again, did not remember your login).

As long you stay within the asked question most experts will _continue_ the discussion in an accepted answer. However, to keep the number of contributors as big as possible, do not accept an answer unless you tested it.  
yairyAuthor Commented:
My remark was with a smile.
I am an expert too, and I know all about this stuff.

the wider picture here is an application I am writting in VC6.
I want by a keystroke to do a simple select and copy operation threw the application.

In most interfaces it's very easy.
excel is built differently.
I thought at first that emulate a F2 stroke will be enough. but its seem I need to jump to the formula bar because its a simpler edit-control.

It seems now there no trivial solution.

Best in all,
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