Getting the time.....

Hi all....

Yeah, kinda tricked you (with the header) to get your attention, ok then i know some sites host the time, i had a site, but the site does not exist now, and i want to write a little program to extract the time of the web (component with Delphi 4) ....but the question is this...

Where is a time server?.. for example does anyone know of one?... or they all stop existing now?...

Thanks... Craig C.
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SeregaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are some sites with their locations:
USA, CA, Cupertino, Apple Computer
USA, MA, Cambridge, MIT Information Systems
France, Rocquencourt, INRIA
USA, CA, Palo Alto, Internet Software Consortium
USA, MA, Boston, Open Software Foundation
go to 
they have a component which works with time server.
craig_capelAuthor Commented:
Sorry, this is not what i asked for, Serega gets the points... I have not answered my mail for a while... Sorry....
craig_capelAuthor Commented:
Would have been nice if i got a link for the UK, but thats my own fault for not saying :)....

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