HSP Modem Connection To AOL

I have a Compaq Presario 7970 with the HSP modem that came installed in it.  When we connect to AOL the first time all goes well but eventually we get disconnected and can't connect again without rebooting the computer.  We have updated the modem driver, changed the modem settings to software control and no error correction, and added AT&F0W2 to the modem init string in the modem properties.  Is there another setting that needs to be changed?  Is the init string being ignored since the sign-on is AOL?  What else can be done here to shore-up this connection?

Current system resources are at 74% free.  It starts around 82-85%
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1cellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"and no error correction"
enable error correction, just don't require it

now to the real meat of the situation:
the HSP micromodems require processor cycles and memory space to do the conversion a standard modem does on it's own.  Much like a Winmodem but worse, the HSP modems are very dependant on your system.  As your resources dwindle down after you using the computer for a bit, the modem has less to work with and eventually quits or fails.  Then , you reboot, freeing up resources and everything's fine.

by a firmware modem and never look back.
you'll have to be careful in this purchase.  most modems these days are winmodems.
I would get another modem, as the HSP experience that I have had has been horrendous.

Alteratively, you might try to go into the modem properties and click connection, settings, and then decrease the transmit and receive buffers.

1cell is right, unfortunately.

I have used HSP modems in laptops for a couple years and they just plain suck.
they are completely software/system dependant. barring that, try lowering your modem port speed to the actual speed of your modem (in AOL). Also, try the generic modem settings in AOL, as they tend to work best for these, in my experience.

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slink9Author Commented:
The opinions here express my current opinion after talking to the tech support people and making three different changes.  The question is why are most computers coming with this type of modem now since they are so unreliable.  Are they expecting people to ditch AOL just because they purchased a  new $2000 computer?  If I had known of possible problems ahead of time I would have negotiated a "real" modem before purchasing.  I have quite a few Dell systems at work with HSP modems but we use an ISDN line for our internet connection.
This Particular product line for Compaq was not a good one, as most tech's in chains will tell you.

I will say that some of the winmodems that I have used have met certain needs like Lucent's LT Winmodem - - but as time has gone on, I will only use firmware modems.

<<<The question is why are most computers coming with this type of modem now since they are so unreliable.  Are they expecting people to ditch AOL just because they purchased a  new $2000 computer?>>>>  

The bottom line is profit and the manufacturers save a few dolloars on every system they put out with an HSP or winmodem.  As for the problems with AOL, thay are plentiful and none of the major manufacturers are going to spend time trying to figure out how to make sure their system works with it.  The problems you are having, though, are not specific to AOL and could be experienced with any ISP.

The problem is that your system resources run low and the modem has nothing to work with.  If you pay attention to what programs are running in the background or starting up with windows, you might be able to get better performance but it will never be perfect.
slink9Author Commented:
Took the system back today.  They put an HSP modem in it from another system and had the same problems with it.  They then put a Creative PCI 56k modem in it and declared it fixed.  Whether that is a firmware modem or a Winmodem I don't know, but as long as it works everyone will be happy.
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