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Restoring Start Menu folder

an errant install has wiped out one of my start menu folders. i have backups of everything. what file or regestry entry would i restore to get to my older start menu?
1 Solution
restart in MS-DOS

at the prompt, type following command and hit enter

scanreg /restore

select a backup from a date before the problem occured but as recent as possible

restore the registry

this will solve your problem but you will have to reinstall any apps which were installed after the back up date and any changes made to the system like desktop settings, etc will be reverted to that date.
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
nushie, what remains when you click the start button?     pslh
Try  \windows\profiles\Start Menu or if the users have personalized menu settings, \windows\profiles\<username>\Start Menu  where <username> is the name of the user.

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jmccp, assuming you are new here, welcome.  however, experts here try to adhere to a certain protocol.

First, we do not post answers which indlude others comments

Second, and regarding your answer, we do not post speculative answers or answers which require further input.

We only post answes when we are absolutley sure that our advice will solve the problem, that it is the only solution for the poroblem, and that it will not require any further assistance.

Posting an answer locks the question and further delays the questioners solution by stopping other experts who might have "the answer" from viewing.

Please try to adhere to this in the future and again, welcome!
This is not a speculative answer.  It is the answer. I do not understand your comment.

Jim, not trying to be rude, just letting you know what works best at this site.  As your comments can be accepted as answers and posting an answer locks the question, it is best for everyone if you post comments and let the questioner decide who solved the problem.

"Try" = speculative
I did not mean "Try" in the sense that it was a possibility.  This is the way to fix the problem.

To clarify my answer,  the person asking the question has wiped out a folder which has nothing to do with a registry entry.  Restoring the registry will not help.  nushie must restore the Start Menu folder to get back the folder.  If it is only one folder within the Start menu folder, nushie can restore just that folder (e.g., restore \windows\profiles\Start Menu\<foldername> or \windows\profiles\<username>\Start Menu\<foldername>).  If nushie wants to restore all the folders, restore the Start Menu folder and all sub-folders.

nushieAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response.

I was able to restore
windows/start menu/programs/missing folder
from backup.

nothing in 'profiles'

should have realized this myself.


this is the best site of its type. thanks to all of you. lets keep it that way.

by the way, was 75 points fair?
75 points was very fair in my opinion.
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