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Huge Crash!!!

Help I'm scared.
From pretty much a fresh install of win98 my brother installed sim city 2000 (this is probably not important).
When the machine was then put on standby it would not wake up and on rebooting the following had occured:

THE HARD DRIVE WAS NOT BOOTABLE (no command.com)ALL FILES ON THE HARD DISK HAD BEEN ERASED! with the exception of the following:

ctsyn.ini in the windows directory
(just a load of sound blaster settings)

5 .url files in the windows\favorites\links folder

and a couple of other empty directories

Looking at the .url files and comparing with .url files on another computer revealed something strange.  An extra line had been added to each file this line being if the form


where X is a letter or a number (18 in total)

So I think it sounds viral but this seems a particularly powerful and vicious one.  I don't know much about viruses so I may be wrong. Can anyone verify this and identify the problem and is a recovery possible? (I won't hold my breath on the recovery front).  (OK so I didn't lose much but if this happens again or to the other computer I stand to lose a lot of stuff).
1 Solution
This sounds like a virus infection, but if you want to be sure, check all CDs, flopies and other stuff you use, especially the instalation of Sim City.

Probably the FAT and/or directory entries are messed up. This is very hard to recover (if you have to pull something out), but you can see this by using the DiskEdit from Norton Utility. I dont want to learn you how to use it, but just try it on 2 computers in read-only mode, so you cannot mess up things yourself.
Go to

Download f-prot and run it on the boot up.  This will check for a virus.  
I would say that the data is lost.

Hope this helps.

insert boot disk and type FDISK/MBR, then reformat your hard drive and install windows, if it installs ok and works ok you had a virus or something. If it doesnt install ok you have a hard drive about to fail, your data is lost beyond a reasonable recovery dont bother waisting any time trying to recover it and if you get windows installed properly do not use any of the software you loaded prior to your crash with out virus scanning it first.
now you can check your hard drive by booting fron drive a: with a system disk that including ndd.exe file(norton)
than run the program if there is a problem then fix it ,if it is not fixed then run an anti-virus program and check
if you could not solve the problem ,run the diskedit program(norton) and remove the read only protect, end write any thing in the boot sector and records,then boot sector will be damaged far the virus program,then you can fix the boot sector area again by ndd.exe (norton) and it will create the original clean boot sector and records .this solution for any non-cleaned virus you can do it.hope that i gave you a effictive answer that you can after ,install your programs and run it properely.thanks.

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