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Hello, currently I am using redhat 6.1 with gnome. my question is:
   How can I mount the drive "automatically" in X-window without go to xterm and have a type of command like mount -t ....
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I`m not sure it`s the best way, but you could go into the /root or /"your user"
and add the command for mounting the cdrom in the .bash_profile
So every time you will log the cdrom will be mount . What will happen if there is no cd in the reader ? You will have to try

good luck
Hi ahchong,

Try this out...

1. do not mount the cdrom but have a cdrom when you re-start the computer in linux.

2. Click on the Gnome start button and select the File Manager of gnome - select the /mnt/cdrom directory and see if it reads your cdrom.

3. if you have a data cd in the drive and it is not being read. Just open the drive manually and close it again with the cdrom in it.
This should have you read the CD without you having to type the mount command again and again.

Please let us know if your problem is solve...

have fun :)) Andrew
In /etc/fstab


/dev/hda2       /mnt/win98   vfat  defaults 0 0

You must make the directory in /mnt "win98"

It should mount when you boot.

will show your drives
to quit
I think this is what your asking.
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Heres what I did:
Manually make a link to the /mnt/cdrom directory in your desktop folder.
Then when you have to mount, simply double click on the icon, to unmount, close any window/xterm pointing to the cdrom, then right click and select unmount.
Ted22, the question was about mounting cdroms, not hard disks!
I read "the drive" so I wasn't sure.
If you open /etc/fstab firstly change the cdrom item so that is contains iso9660,users,ro to allow other users to open the cdrom. While holding the mouse over the gnome panel, right mouse click to bring up a menu and somewhere in there there should be an add mount drive icon. Select it and chose the icon you want and make sure that the device is /dev/cdrom. You can also do this for floppies and harddrive partitions provided that all the partitions are setup correctly in /etc/fstab. Then it is a matter of clicking the icon to mount the drive.
ahchongAuthor Commented:
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