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We have been offered an application developed in Dataease for Windows, which appears to perform the functions we require (we process mortgages - lots of data\admin in and out) extremely well. The product is specifically developed for this job.
I am concerned, however, about taking this on board. Our current application is a slightly less developed access database. We are reaching it's limits as we have 20 concurrent users ( and numbers are increasing) and 40 Mb of data. I am considering porting it to SQL and using ASPs to web enable the product. The salesman tells me that his Dataease product will cope with our increasing requirements. Do you know of any potential problems or can you suggest what questions I should ask?
Many thanks
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PaulGoldneyConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I worked for DataEase International from 1993 to 1995 and became one of the leading experts.  I am well respected in whats left of the DataEase community.

I left to form my own company with the then Technical Support Manager of DataEase International.

Our reason for leaving was because the product was inferior and bug ridden. DataEase R& D suffered because the sales that were expected to generate from its intial release didn't come. This sent the company, the product and the future into a downward spiral.

I still have friends at DataEase but my only professional advice is Don' use the products.

Generally, DataEase was an easy product to use and therefore many Non Database experts called themselves consultants and programmers, which in the real world aren't.

Give them a relational Database or PC with a technical question and they wouldn't have a clue.

The application may be good, but if I were you, either contact us, or plead with the supplier to rewrite the App into a good product. JET Storage for Small LAN or SQL Server with an Access / VB front end.

I hope this helps, but If I can be of any further assistance then please don't hesitate to contact me.

PS : I have build over 10 systems for Woolwich PLC and other Financial organisations including Mortgae, Arrears / Possessions systems and tracking.

Regards Paul
Possible problems with specialised products like Dataease:
1) How is the continuity of the supplier guaranteed? (Ask at least for software escrew to be certain that when they get broke there is still the possibility to maintain the product)
2) What is the price of changing parts to your needs?
3) How many people "speak the language" or can edit the product?
4) What's the installed base ?
5) Is there a usergroup of companies that bought the product ?
6) Can a demo be given with your data to prove the abilities stated?

I think that a (compared to Access and SQL7) a lot of technically superior products are on the market, however points like continuity and installed base prove to be very important!

Just try to get an APL-programmer today and you will see that most people even don't know it's a computerlanguage.
So if you have an APL-application..........

Success !


On this site it's a custom to post comments instead of answers, thus leaving the question open for others to comment and not forcing the question owner to accept or refuse every proposed answer.
But I see your new, so welcome!
And be warned, it's addictive !

Wow - I worked for DataEase International (US) from 1989 - 1995, and all I can say is I can't disagree more with Paul Goldney.   Paul, btw, I don't recognize your name - no offense.  DataEase itself is no longer the name of the company - it's called Sapphire now.  Sounds like you have some sour grapes to sow.

DataEase for DOS and OS/2 is still a good product, and many legacy systems are still in place.  While the initial release of DFW was disappointing at best, the current rendition has been getting rave reviews from various consultants (and no, they're not all idiots as you would imply).

Additionally, DataEase *is* a general purpose RDBMS product, like Access.   I'm not going to say it is without its faults, but there are some parts to the design of DataEase that were done extremely well.

I'd suggest contacting people who frequent the DataEase Forum at for their opinions.  There's over 550 people there who use DataEase on a daily basis.  There's also the DataEase Resource Page at - you might check out the email discussion groups that are set up there as well.
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