Windows 95 with Quantum HD(Size 8.4 GB)

Dear Expert ;
 I can see HD size 8.4 GB in CMOS Setup But when I create Partition, I can not create partition more than 2 GB. I want to craete about 4 or 6 GB in one partition.

 Yes., I know that FAT 16 in win 95 can not see > 2 GB in one partition.
I want to know that It have any way to create > 2 GB in win 95 OS ?

 I load Disk Manager V9.5 (Lastest Version from Web site of Quantum)
Can this program manage ?

Please answer....  I want to use it very much
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micro66Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want to stick with Win95 and FAT16, then create a series of 2GB partitions. You can use all of the hard drive that way, using FAT16 throughout.
Unfortunately you'll have to upgrade your OS if you want to use large partitions. Without Win95 OSR2 (which included support for FAT32) you can't use a partition bigger than 2Gb under Windows 95--it simply isn't possible. Windows NT would let you create a FAT16 partition of 4Gb, but Microsoft warn against using a partition created this way through Win9x for fear of data loss.
I believe thats the purpose of Disk Manager which is a very reputable company. Yes I agree MS does warn against this because of possible data loss but MS doesn't regularly come out in support of third party software.
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sorgie: Windows NT Setup is capable of creating a FAT16 partition 4Gb in size--it's this that the Knowledge Base article in question warns you may cause problems on Win9x. I believe Micro$oft *may* have written the NT installer, so if they're warning against using it with their *own* software, what price third-party?
its true, you must create a series of patitions

but i think that you must update your os

i belive thet you dont like to update to win 98 , but windows 2000 is most strong and you dont see the BSOD (Blue screen of death)

   try it, and 8 GB supports it and more!!
u3520384Author Commented:
Dear Expert ;
 My CPU is Pentium 100
VGA 2 MB...
I can not install Win 98
> I can not install Win 98  

Why not?  Your computer is fast enough.
Obviously, you're not short of disk-space.  :-)

If you want a larger-than-2GB partition, then an upgrade is the answer.
I agree with Otta. Windows 98 has slightly greater memory requirements than Win95, but 40Mb should be more than enough for it. It wouldn't be enough for Windows 2000, which torpedoes lgmm's other suggestion--quite apart from the fact Win2K costs about twice what 98 does.
u3520384Author Commented:
Adjusted points from 50 to 100
u3520384Author Commented:
dEAR expert;
 I have problem with Install Win95 OSR 2.1 Over the original windows 95.
While I am installing, It have a error...

Your Computer already has an OS installed, which can not be upgraded
by this version of setup. Please obtain the win 95 upgrade

Please answer.. me.. I want to know because It have a way only to
set partition > 2 GB for new HD
> Please obtain the win 95 upgrade

Or, reboot to MS DOS, and enter:


to "hide" the current WINDOWS directory.

Then, try to install the "newer" version.
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