Where can i find information?


Where can i find information about how i can program my own operating system?

Pierre Andersson
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RheingoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hm, good question

my last visit at that site was already several months ago, when I read about it slashdot.org. I'm nearly 100% sure the sources were there. I don't know where they are now, so I need to apologize. Sorry.

Anyway, in the deverloper corner you can find much about the system structure and maybe you can get something from there.


you could visit www.v2os.com - This is a open source OS completely coded in assembler.

How low do you want to go?  That is, do you want to write to a particular chip and provide a full API, or do you just want to experiment with a portable command shell?


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There are many ways to learn to code these days. From coding bootcamps like Flatiron School to online courses to totally free beginner resources. The best way to learn to code depends on many factors, but the most important one is you. See what course is best for you.

MathiasIT SpecialistCommented:
There are several places
you could visit, for example

FreeDOS: www.freedos.org

RxDOS: http://www.freedos.org/files/distributions/rxdos/

I developed an OS with automatic hardware detection and a GUI with multitasking, currently V0.2. It can be that there is a way to exchange some sources.
If you have further questions, email me.

PS: I write in Pascal and Assembler, only a little bit in C/C++.
pierre_anderssonAuthor Commented:
where on the v20S site can i find the sources?
MathiasIT SpecialistCommented:
I visited the v2os site, too. But I have the same question.

Where are the sources ?
1) Check other topic, smae question

2) Books -local library, bookstore, and school linbray should have decent selections for browsing.

Many different topics involved, best handled at University curriculum level.

Learn Assembly language, then others like c & pascal (skip cobol of course) while you tinker with writing a compiler.

If a toy syetem for you own amusement, that is different.  The 1st PC call Basic an operating system (with no hard drive or filing system)

Lookk up special topics of memory management. SHould keep you busy for only a few years.
pierre_anderssonAuthor Commented:
I give thanks (in the name of the almighty) to ALL the answer you gave me (YOU HAVE ALL HELP ME VERY MUCH) But i don't know how to give the point to? The one how have help me most is Rheingold. But how can i give him the points.

If you have more information about how to create your own OS. Please send me an email at pierre@edk.se.
:) I guess you found the button..

After you pursue the answers you now have, perhaps you can return and rephrase the new questions you find.

Just a thought.
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