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I have an EpoX P55-TV2 motherboard with 2-32M SIMMs in bank0 for a total of 64M. This motherboards max RAM is 128M and has 2 SIMM banks and 2 DIMM banks. According to EpoX, I can install the SIMMs in bank0 and a DIMM in bank1 to get the 128M of RAM that is needed. But when I installed a Kinston 64M DIMM, I got a total of 80M.  I took the SIMMs off the motherboard, and got a total of 16M with just the 64M DIMM. I took the memory module back, and got another (same part #) and tried again with the same results. I took the Kingston RAM back and bought a PNY 64M DIMM (double clocked for PC66 & PC100). When I installed this RAM, I got a total of 48M (with the 2-32M SIMMs installed - not real sure how it can subtract from my total memory when I added, but it did). I once again took the SIMMs off the motherboard to find I was still getting 16M from the 64M DIMM. I am now back to the 2-32M SIMMs and am trying to find some answers to this problem. Any help would be appreciated.
If it is any help, this is the link to the motherboard manual...
All the memory configurations possible are listed in this manual starting on page 8, but they don't list the bus speed.


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RoadWarriorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Finally got the manual, site seemed down at first, yes, you have an old 430VX chipset that does not support the newer 64Mb modules.
Does EpoX require both Dimms to be filled?
Also have you check in Bios to make sure there isn't any setup you must change for the simm/dimm configuration
This is going to be tricky.  It will depend on both memory modules.  A friend of mine had 2 DIMM modules that he thought were 8meg each.  When he changed the motherboard to a newer revision they turned out to be 16meg each.....new board again....64meg each

If the SIMMs are EDO, try regular or fast page ram.  Or vice versa if the SIMMs are not EDO.  

I would say that you'd be better off sticking with one memory type.  If you have lots of time to play musical ram, then try changing manufacturers etc, a few times.

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InaneAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
InaneAuthor Commented:
These are 3.3V EDO DIMMs. According to the motherboard user manual, you can use any combination of SIMMs and DIMMs, as long as they are not in the same banks.
According to the manual you can NOT use both of these ram modules together. It's either one or the other.  I would stick with the SIMM since that board would most likely not handle the DIMM like a regular P2 board would.

Sorry.....but no dice
InaneAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
InaneAuthor Commented:
According to the manual on page 8 of the pdf file, you can use both memory modules together.
I didn't scroll all the way down the memory configs before (:


This is what the manual has to say about this:

Usually, the DIMM2 and SIMM3&4 occupy the same memory block, Bank 0. They
cannot be installed at the same time. Likewise, the DIMM1 and SIMM1&2 occupy
the same memory block, Bank1. They cannot be installed at the same time either.
However with a special design to expand memory, the P55TV2 allows you to
upgrade single-side DRAM at DIMM2 (Bank0) and DIMM1 (Bank1), if you use
single-side DRAM at the SIMM3&4 and SIMM1&2.
Regarding single-side or double-side DRAM/SDRAM, please contact your DRAM/
SDRAM suppliers for the details,

That's all you need to know about the situation.  It's related to single or double sided DRAM....
The newer 64Mb SDRAM DIMMs have a 4 bank arrangement that some of the older intel chipset motherboards cannot handle. They can only use EDO 64Mb DIMMS. Hence your system is seeing just one of the 4 banks on the DIMM. There are special SDRAM modules available for boards like this that aren't "x4" (ie, described as 64x4 SDRAM DIMMS) but they are rare and may cost $$$ Discuss this with Kingston, they may be able to help you if you tell them the chipset you have and you mention this problem.


Road Warrior
InaneAuthor Commented:
Dear user,

I would suggest you to used only 32mb of memory chips on the old mb.
The mb only supports 66mhz, unbuffered, and low-density sdrams. This spec
are very strict, the most memory chip on the market are too fast and the
older mb does not support it.

Best Regards,


This is what the motherboard manufacturer had to say!

Thank you RoadWarrior
Isn't that what I said too?......just thinking out loud
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