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hard drive installation?

Posted on 2000-04-23
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-27
I just recently installed a new hard drive into my computer and I have no idea how to install the original software I had on my computer and the operating system.  It has windows 95 the new hard drive is 10.2 gig.  I tried
partitioning it, but it think I did something wrong or  I have no idea what I'm doing.  Can someone give me some step by step instructions on how to install it.  Thanks, Salfam
Question by:salfam
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Expert Comment

ID: 2742604
You have two possible problems:
1: if your bios is old it will not see that size drive.

2: If your using WIN95a it will not see drives larger then 2.1gb

If niether problem exist then do the following

Unless you already have a boot floopy with CDROM support, go to bootdisk.com and download a boot floppy with cdrom support.  

Use the floppy to boot your machine
type fdisk  create a primary partition  set it active.  

Exit fdisk and at the a:> prompt type
format C: /s this will format your disk and install system files.

once the format is complete insert your CDrom type the CDROM drive letter: to change drives to your CDROM  at the prompt type setup.exe or it may just autorun when you close your cdrom drive.

follow windows direction

Good Luck


Expert Comment

ID: 2742673
Assuming your drive detects okay and you have the osr2 version of windows , check out this page for setting disk partitions with dos 7.0:


Are you trying to copy information from the an old drive to a the new drive?
After the drive is setup you can use xcopy to transfer the old drive to
the new , scheck this page out for using xcopy :


Many others have suggested disk utility programs that are easier
but need to be purchased sush As  PowerQuest and Norton Ghost.

Their web pages are at :

Good Luck..

Expert Comment

ID: 2743943
If your new hard drive was "boxed," it may have come with a diskette with software for doing what you want.  If the hard drive was "bare," that is, it came with nothing, then you'll need to either follow the manual procedures above or buy one of the products mentioned above.

In trying to partition your new drive, what symptoms do you see that make you think you did something wrong?

Accepted Solution

kamrul earned 150 total points
ID: 2762105
Dear salfarn,

You did not mention wether there is anotther drive or CD-ROM in your computer, and the question you made is not clear to me.

Well if you are new to hardware thing then follow this instruction:

If you don't have another drive then it would be a piece of cake! If the drive in your hand is the second one then go on:

Firstly, Power off the PC, place into  a ( available ) drive bay in your PC. You need to take proper care when installing it into your PC about ESD ( Electro Static Discharge ). You need to ground yourself frequently when you deal with the PC device, you can do it by wearing a wrist strap or you should touch the PC's bear body frequently. Now, fix it with some screws to hold it in there.

Secondly, We need to wired the drive. There are to wires, one is for  power and the other one is for data. You can define the data cable from it's size, it's a belt like cable ( you may need to buy it ) and has 40 wires. Now connect one end to you'r new HDD ( red or marked line should go to pin no. 1 ) and other end to the secondary IDE port ( on the motherboard ). Connect the power cable ( molex ) consist of 4 pins.

Thirdly, We need to partition and format it now. You know in the market there are many operation system, and the manufacturar don't know which OS will gona use in that drive. That is why the manufacturar of the HDD don't prtition or format the drive when they serve it to the market. It need to do doen by the user. So, in our case we have to use DOS partition as we need to use in Win95 :).  To do partition and formatting you need a " Boot disk" in a floppy. Power the PC with the boot disk in the FDD ( I would recommend you to cable it on primary when partitioning a new drive, or you may accendentally ...................you know what I mean ). Now give FDISK to create partition. Follow the partitioning screen. If you make this far then you can be on you own.



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