where is Net/FTP?

For the following line -

use Net::FTP;

I got a copiling error of cannot find Net/FTP in bla bla search directories.  I looked in the lib/, and found Net/ only has servent file referencing ftp, but not as an object.  I'm using UNIX/Salarias.  My real purpose is to run this pl script from a HTML file residng on Windows enviornment.  What's the perl compiler and pm's that I need?

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govinjeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Perl for windows can u find at www.activestate.com 
Just click at Activeperl.
what is the exact error??

you can get the various modules you need from CPAN's 1410 modules distributions at..


Net::FTP file name is libnet-1.0703.tar.gz
perl's CPAN module supposed to handle download/install automatically.

shell/prompt# perl -mCPAN -e shell [enter]
at CPAN prompt, you can just type  'install Net::FTP'. This will download, compile and install Net::FTP module or any module for that matter. For first time run, it will ask a few questions to set things up.

be wary about security, etc...though
columbiaRiverAuthor Commented:
What about the Perl interpreter for Window or DOS?  Where do I get that?
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