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Implementing simple binary probability distribution.

Using C/C++, I would like the computer to randomly fill some array with either 0s or 1s, in some proportion p.  That is, let Array be some n dimensional array.  Then, for every i, I want Array[i] = 0 with probability p and = 1 with probability 1-p.
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snifongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
int p = 40; // probability for 0
int q = 1 - p; // 1 - probability for 1
srand() = time(NULL);
for loop here with counter i...
if (rand() % 100 <= p)
   Array[i] = 0;
   Array[i] = 1;
end for loop
Assuming you have the function 'rand()' that returns an int x, 0<=x<=RAND_MAX, and given probability float p, 0<=p<=1, then:

1) For a given p, compute
int CutPoint;
CutPoint=(int) (.5+p*(float)RANDMAX);

2) For any i, compute
if   (rand()>=CutPoint) Array[i]=1;
else                    Array[i]=0;

int p = 40; // probability for 0
Probabilities are never greater than 1

int q = 1 - p; // 1 - probability for 1
Nor can probabilities be negative
'struth ozo, but how many folks browse locked questions?  I know I don't.  I suppose I ought to start...
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