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I am a professional photograpoher and a new photoshop user. Equipt. Mac G4 w/ photoshop 5.5 printing to an Epson Stylus 1200
Goal: To print multible images on 11x14 paper.
Problem: I created within the printer dialog box a custom paper size of 11x14. I then opened two previously worked images and loaded them on to new page. When ever I go to print the computer informs me that the image size is to large for the page size ( not so images are 4x8 inches each, stacked on top of each other ( and that there will be some clipping. I tried UB settings 11x17 and recieved the same message. When I do print there indeed is clipping and my images also are not in the position I put them in, they are off to the side. Help!!
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Although your paper size is 11x14 (and your printer can handle 13x19) you cant print right to the edges.  Your document needs to be 1/2 inch to 1 inch smaller than the paper size to print properly.  The biggest you can print on 11x14 paper is 10.5x13.5

Like snapdragon said photoshop will automatically center you image on the paper.  If you want your image to be in a specific location on the printed page I would make your canvas size match the paper size (minus the non-printable edge) w/ a white background and then position your image on the page.  The file size will be alot larger because of the larger canvas size but it is the best way around not having a page layout program.

Page placement when printing is a common Photoshop frustration.  For one thing, Photoshop defaults to printing in the center of a page, and I have never seen a way to change this, though maybe in 5.5 there is a way.
1)  How are you going about setting up a new "page"?  The way I understand it, your printer knows what a "page" is, but Photoshop really doesn't.  Are you opening a new document and pasting both images into it?  If so, under Image/Image Size, what are the dimensions in inches expressed in that dialog box (of both images combined)?
2)  Check the Image/Canvas Size dialog box.  Do you see any discrepancy there?  Your canvas size and image size can be different, and this could offset your placement on the printed page.
Unfortunately, the best way to lay out images on a page is to not use Photoshop to do it.  I'd use Pagemaker or another high-end layout program if you need professional results.  Best of luck!
a HA!  very good idea for a workaround!  i have seen some inconsistency in the printer/photoshop communication understanding exactly where the non-printable area is, and often getting that irritating message about clipping, even though it still prints fine.  in other words, i think forkbeard's suggestion is a good one and i would experiment with this idea and forge ahead with the print, apagano, even if you still get the warning message about clipping.  i'd print in b & w on low quality until you're sure about the position, just to save ink.  like forkbeard said, you won't be able to get it to print right on the edge.  if that's what you want, you'd have to use larger paper and trim it.  are we getting anywhere?  how's the project coming?
apaganoAuthor Commented:
What I have done is stoped trying to use a custom size paper through the printer program and went with something stock. UB I can cut the paper. The clipping message still comes up and I have ignored it and Voilla  !! all is good. Thanks to both snapdragon and Forkbeard
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