4 speakers-2 working

I have a Soundblaster Live and i have connected 4 speakers.
In Windows all of the speakers work fine but in SuSE Linux 6.3 only the first 2 are working
and i can't make linux "see" the other 2.
Any comments?????????????????
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Woohoo, I just went to the site, and there is a utility SoundBlaster Live mixer that controlls all the channels etc. You can download it from perso.club-internet.fr/bea_raph/
right at the bottom you will find the link to the graphical audio mixer.
As far as I know, only one channel is supported so far. I have RedHat 6.2 with the latest drivers from Creative and still only two speakers work. Your best bet is to keep visiting http://developer.soundblaster.com . I have read there that they plan to develope drivers with full EAX support in the near future...
kartebiAuthor Commented:
ok i'll check it out and i'll let you know
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